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 Student Success Committee Meeting

Kimberly French
Patti Saffioti
Stephanie Keener
Tom Sparhawk
Ashley Pearson
Guest speaker- Joan Rowe from Human Kind.

We invited Joan to give us recommendations on what would be required to open a child minding area at CVCC.
Joan is the Director of Childcare Resource Center at Human Kind she also teaches workshops and classes here at CVCC on Thursday nights for early childhood care workers.

Joan recommended doing a study on what our students and staff need and want in terms of a child care area. Patti Suggested adding it to the student satisfaction survey that Kris Ogden sends to students.

Joan shared some of the specific requirements for childcare facility for example we would need two exits if we had an infant room (15 months and younger). If 16 months and older we would only need 1 exit. We discussed opening it up to the community after giving priority to our students and staff. We talked about staffing the facility and the idea of having a second shift staff this would be helpful since only 2 centers in the area offer a second shift staff, it would also serve our night time students.

Joan shared that the director of the facility would need CDA (Child Development Associate) certification and she recommended the director and Lead teachers have CDA and more certification.

She shared the ratio of caretakers to children for each age range. She also shared that space required for each group of children.
Tom asked how we could survey the needs of the community for childcare.

Next Order of Business:

Tom will talk with Kris to see about adding childcare questions to the student satisfaction survey

Kimberly is going to reach out to Jack Freeman about grants to start this project

Finding a Contractor, perhaps Humankind

Joan is going to send us the website for Standards for Childcare. We are going to meet with Joan again on February 27th to talk more.
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