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Student Success Committee Notes April 4th
Patti Saffioti
Kimberly French
Ashley Pearson
Tom was not on campus today, so Ashley Pearson chaired the meeting.

At this meeting we addressed various items that have come up throughout the year and where we stood on each. We also identified some goals for next year.
Lewis would like to meet with Humankind to start talks on what is needed for a daycare facility on campus. We are going to see if Stephanie Keener can connect with Lewis to meet with Humankind.

Patti is going to send out an email to Deans regarding the student disciplinary forms and where they are located. She also shared that we are getting ready to rewrite the student conduct process.

The monitor slides in class rooms are still a work in progress.

We talked about the looping of “Hot Topics” recordings in the student lounge and that evolved into showing student orientation videos as well.
Child changing stations were installed and we want to make sure they are ADA compliant. I checked with Nancy Mitchell and she confirmed they were.
Kimberly will reach out to Natalie Wilkins with GLTC to see about changing the bus schedule and making the last stop after 9:40 pm (when late classes let out)

We voted and elected Tom Sparhawk Chair of the Student Success Committee for next year.

We came up with some goals for next year.

Goal 1. We want to combine the Student Success with the Retention committee

Goal 2. Change GLTC bus schedule to accommodate our night students

Goal 3. Create student orientation video 15 minutes in length to be shown in the student center and in the counseling center

Goal 4 Finalize and implement child care policy
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