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Student Success Committee Meeting
August 29th, 2017

Tom Sparhawk
Stephanie Keener
Patti Saffioti
Kimberly French
Ashley Pearson
Ashley Pearson was elected recorder for this year. Kimberly is working on getting ambassadors on the committee.
Stephanie will reach out to Joan at Humankind to try and connect her with Lewis before the college meets with architects to discuss the new building.
Patti shared the student conduct committee made changes and they are in the catalog. She would like to create a committee to rewrite the conduct process, but will need to wait until after the implementation of VIP Pass.
We discussed getting hot topic workshops looping in student center, Kimberly spoke to David Lightfoot last year about this and the issue was the sound. We would need a dedicated tv to be implemented. We talked about identifying sound monitors, one would be on the second floor of Merritt Hall, and the monitor on the far end of the student center.
Kimberly is waiting to hear back from Natalie with GLTC about changing the bus schedule to accommodate our late night students.
We reviewed the goals for upcoming year and will focus on Goal 2 and 3.
Goal 2. Changing GLT bus schedule to accommodate our night students
Goal 3. Create student orientation video to be shown in the student center and in the counseling center.  Kimberly reported that Jill Markwood is going to be able to work with us to create this.
Kimberly reported that there were 1 hour new student orientation sessions that were a big success. She attributes it to sending the invitation and sign up information to both school and personal email.
Patti and Chief Dove presented parent orientation sessions too.
Tom is going to speak with Lana to see what times would work for her schedule and we will change the time the SSC meets so she and others can hopefully attend.
Kimberly reported the CSI was administered to non-credit SDV 100 and regular SDV 100 classes and the data has been very telling. She hopes to develop Hot Topic workshops on the areas students indicated they needed help with from the CSI inventory.  She reviewed their schedules and identified some times that would accommodate their schedule to offer these Hot Topic workshops.
Tom suggested we see if the College for living would want to do a birdfeeder project and put them up around campus.
Patti suggested that we as a campus start thinking about how we can give help to the Harvey victims. The idea of connecting with the Houston Community College to see if they are doing anything for their students and how we can help them. We also talked about using God’s Pit Crew or Gleaning for the World. Discussion also focused on assisting a displaced family that will be coming to Lynchburg.
Patti is going to talk with Deanne and Dr. Mickles to see what ideas they might have on how we as a college can help.‚Äč 
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