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Student Success Committee Meeting

Kimberly French
Stephanie Keener
Ashley Pearson
Patti Saffioti
Tom Sparhawk
Lana Velez
Stephanie reported on her meeting with Human Kind and Lewis Bryant last week. Human Kind is going to send a plan for a building a child care facility on campus. She is going to meet with Kris about a survey for on and off campus regarding child care on campus.
Stephanie hopes to tour TCC’s facility when she is there in November. Patti is going to reach out to her contact at TCC and connect her with Stephanie.
Stephanie is also going to try and get input from Randolph College faculty since they have a child care facility on their campus. Human Kind also suggested surveying high school students that have children.
Tom will talk with Kathy Herndon about signage for changing table stations, at this time there is no indication of a changing station in the restroom.
Kimberly French will try to find a new contact at GLTC from Deanne to change schedule to include a later pickup to serve our night students.
We discussed ways to get more students to attend Hot Topic sessions. Tom suggested doing 10 minute videos. We also discussed doing a 5 minute commercial on Hot Topic session for that week and put it on the monitors, facebook, and blog. Perhaps we could have students do the commercials and record then before the semester began, then run them the week of the appropriate Hot Topic.
We discussed getting the faculty involved in recruiting students to Hot Topic Workshops. We thought putting out a board in the Student Center to remind students of the Hot Topic for the day would be helpful.
Kimberly reported that online orientation is in the works and will hopefully be done by April.
Tom will talk to David Lightfoot about getting a dedicated TV in the student center for Hot Topics and other recorded student events and information.
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