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Student Success Committee

Stephanie Keener
Ashley Pearson
Patti Saffioti
Tom Sparhawk
Stephanie traveled to TCC Portsmouth campus to see the Childcare center. She is working on her notes and will post them to a google doc so we can review. The center is a fully licensed childhood development center. Children ages 2-5 attend and there is after school care. It is open 7am-7pm.

She reported that the childcare centers were part of TCC’s building plans. The YWCA contracts with TCC, they are responsible for all business items. YWCA hires staff and handles liability. TCC covers rent and utilities. F.A. can be used toward payment of childcare. Childcare tuition is based on sliding scale.

There are 32 or 35 children per center they have four centers total.

Stephanie talked with students interested in starting a babysitting co-op.

We are still working on extending bus service hours for our students.
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