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Student Success Committee Meeting

Stephanie Keener
Tom Sparhawk
Kimberly French
Meredith McLaughlin
Guest-Peter Dorman

Peter came to share an idea about giving students in English 111 an assessment the 1st day of class to be sure students are ready for English 111, since there is no data for Multiple Measure placement yet. The question was raised by Kimberly French as to what would happen if the students didn’t pass the assessment. Patti Saffioti suggested having SI in class to help those students that needed extra help get support or recommend ENF 3 in a 14 week session. This data would help us to compare how multiple measure and VPT students.

Kimberly also stated we would need something for math. Tom Suggested we start with English and then look at math.
Peter will talk to Kris and get back to us.

We discussed where things stood on getting the Hot Topics videos to loop in student center. There is no volume so that is one issue we are facing.  Tom suggested we have a short video with highlights then for more information go here and direct the student to the Youtube page where the video is located.
Patti Saffioti reported that she is working on getting a faculty and staff mentoring program on campus. Some ideas around this would be to have faculty driven workshops through this program. She is going to talk to the classified staff to let them know about this program initiative and get their suggestions and feedback.

She hopes to also talk with Alison about getting a speaker on campus to talk about faculty advising.

Kimberly French is doing an online orientation webinar. She hopes to create one for us and to include current students on it.
Ashley Pearson brought up getting syllabi online for courses. With the idea that we could have an old syllabi, faculty wouldn’t have to have their current one available, and we would make sure to include a line stating subject to change.

Tom suggested we start by contacting the deans with our idea and get their input and feedback, then consult with the web committee and faculty association and then take to the G.C.

Tom Sparhawk showed a CVCC LOVE project idea with the possibility of our welding students making it. Beth Walkup is presenting the idea to the facilities committee. Our committee recommends moving forward with the project, it will encourage community engagement and identification.

Ashley Pearson brought up the idea of a food pantry on campus. Tom Suggested the area outside of Sarah Jarrett’s office across from the ladies restroom would be a good place to have the food. With the idea of putting a bookcase there to keep the shelf stable food available for students.
Tom then suggested the Student Success Committee be responsible for this project. The members of the SSC were in agreement. Tom will report to GC that we will be doing food pantry. We will look at responsibilities of the SSC and change them to include the food pantry project.

We hope to store food in the cabinets of the Counseling Center breakroom. Discussed putting boxes around campus to drive for food.
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