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Student Success Committee

Lana Velez
Ashley Pearson
Tom Sparhawk
Patti Saffioti
Kimberly French
Patti reported on the food pantry. Deanne is working on getting waivers for students to fill out so they can pick up food. Also she is working on putting together food kits. We will be looking into space where these food kits can be stored.

We recommended making a subcommittee to work on child care initiative. We discussed Dr. Dorman being on the committee since we may be offering a child care career studies certificate in the future. We also felt Stephanie Keener should chair the committee since she has spearheaded research in a child care facility. Ashley Pearson will also be in on the committee representing the student success committee and we hope to have someone from workforce on the committee.

We may be getting furniture donated from a child care facility in the area that is closing.

We revisited first day assessment for English. The idea is to give students an assessment on the first day of class so students know where they are. Lana shared that most instructors use some sort of diagnostic now to see where they are. We would need to come up with a form. We will wait for Peter to report back. We also discussed the informed self-placement process. We will share the informed self-placement sheet with Lana to review.

Love Sign proposal will go to Governance Council after spring break. Student Success committee voted to approve and move forward with this project.

Tom will take the suggestion that we make the campus more inviting and will suggest that we mess with Johnny Merritt’s head.
We agreed decorating campus is something we should look into? Perhaps painting stones a put affirmations through the campus.
Syllabi online- Basic information stays same year to year. Syllabus Menu book
Perhaps getting the Dean’s administrative assistants involved in uploading the syllabi would help.
We discussed posting a sample syllabi, also link to bookstore, and where class is located on the website would be helpful.
Lana suggested it be optional for faculty to post syllabi.  And we could add a question on the graduation assessment regarding the syllabus “Was having the syllabus for classes helpful?”  

We are going to ask Adam if there is a place in navigate for the syllabus to be linked when looking at classes.

Tom will take our proposal back to the faculty committee.

Patti reported that faculty CTE will meet with her and Evan to do training. Patti met with faculty to advising team. She will meet with them again next week (February 26th-March 2nd). There will be faculty training on May 9th. It will be training on mentoring and coaching. We will be starting mentoring club in the fall hopefully by spring registration faculty will be advising.

We also discussed having drills or information session for faculty and staff on what to do if we have an active antagonist on campus.  Tom is going to talk to Safety and Security Committee.‚Äč 
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