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Student Success Committee
April 4, 2018

Kimberly French
Patti Saffioti
Tom Sparhawk
Meredith McLaughlin
Ashley Pearson
Lana Velez
Tom Sparhawk reported that the Faculty Association were on board with voluntary posting of syllabi online for students. The committee recommended that this be a goal for the committee for next year.

Tom has reached out to Lynchburg College to see if they could provide information on how they went about getting the LOVE sign created. We thought maybe our welding students could make ours. There is a 1500 dollar grant available that hopefully we could get to pay for materials.
Patti reported that David Urso Dean of Academic Affairs at Blueridge community college will be coming for our faculty training workshop on May 9th. The training is to help launch faculty advising and the mentoring program. A save the date will be going out this week to all faculty.

Lana reported that the English faculty met regarding the idea of giving a diagnostic to students the first day of class to see if their placement was correct. Lana shared that writing is taught as a process which students learn in the course. The idea has been tabled.

Stephanie is taking the reins on the childcare initiative on campus.

Tom suggested creating a list of where students can go to get food assistance. Patti has created a booklet with information like that and other helpful information and is working on sharing it with the faculty. The food pantry is available to students, it is located in the Student activities office. Students can go there now to get food.

We will work to support the new mentoring program.

We identified the following goals for the committee for next year:

Work on getting the syllabi online for those faculty that would like to provide them.

Creating a developmental computer course which could be a co-req.for ITE 115/BUS 226

Send recommendation to Safety Committee regarding more training for active shooter on campus scenarios

Rock campaign - write affirmations on rocks and then placing them throughout the campus.

Before the first day of class write affirmations on the sidewalk with chalk

Work to get more students on committees​
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