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Student Success Committee Notes
Meeting Objectives:
1.      Elect a Chair and Recorder
2.      Determine resource initiatives to help promote success among the student body.
3.      Identify barriers to success
4.      Identify possible avenues and strategies to remove barriers
Members Present:                                                     Members Absent:
1.      Teresa Ranson                                                Meredith McLaughlin
2.      Patti Saffioti                                                    Collins Friddle           
3.      Renee Chalmers                                              Joy Adams
4.      Michael Farris                                                 Matt Poteat
5.      Kimberly French                                             Cynthia Lofaso
6.      Matt Naugle
·         Patti Saffioti was elected Chair of the Student Success Committee for the academic year 2018 – 2019.
·         Matt Naugle was elected Recorder of the Student Success Committee (under the supervision of Kimberly French) for the 2018 year.
·         There are new brochures available for students to highlight community resources.
o   Facilities Committee is installing brochure holders in the bathroom to encourage student accessibility while also helping to ensure their privacy.
·         Access to information about enrollment, classes, and scheduling needs to be improved as students, potential students, and their families have difficulty in the process.
·         Miscommunication between schools, particularly between CVCC and Rustburg High School, needs to be improved.
o   Addressing communication concerns could improve the ability to help students enroll and know what their classes are, when they meet, and where they are located.
o   Processes for enrolling need to be simplified.
o   There is a need for a phone tree to promote more efficient communication so that people who have questions about classes, financial aid, student resources, etc. are able to speak to the people most able to address those needs.
·         This is a rebuilding year.
o   Rebuilding communication, enrollment, and resource accessibility
·         Perhaps it is better to focus on fixing one thing this year so that the scope of the committee’s efforts isn’t too broad.
·         Student Emergency Fund is available for those with need.
Action Items:
·         Include David Lightfoot, Vice President for IT, to help with establishing an effective phone tree
·         Establish a student care team to help students in trouble.
o   Catherine Rice, Chief Dove, Deanne McDaniel, Kimberly French, and Meredith McLaughlin
·         Include Karen Alexander (Registrar) on the Student Success Committee as the Admissions and Records representative
·         Nominate someone from the workforce to join the care team (Renee Chalmers agreed to be a part of the team)
·         Determine a mission
Upcoming Meeting Dates: October 2 and November 13
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