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Student Success Committee Minutes
Meeting Objectives:
  1. Follow up on Community Resource Guides/Title IX holders
  2. Restrooms
  3. Student Center
  4. Phone tree update
  5. CARE Team discussion
Members Present:
  • Patti Saffioti
  • Renee Chalmers
  • Michael Farris
  • Kimberly French
  • Matt Naugle
  • Collins Friddle
  • Thomas Sparhawk
  • Raylene Cope
  • Vickie Bowman
  • Chris Robinson
  • David Lightfoot
  • Emma Donohoe
Members Absent:
  • Meredith McLaughlin
  • Joy Adams
  • Matt Poteat
  • Teresa Ranson
  • Cynthia Lofoso
  • We need to figure out a way to get student resource guides to students
    • Put them in student center
    • The importance of this is emphasized by recent student suicide
    • We have an agency willing to help students who need help
  • Suicide prevention training is available in November
  • Re: starting a care team
    • Michael and Patti received training
    • Strategic mental health organization partnership to assist with meeting mental health needs for students
  • We need to start reaching out to students to train them since students will likely communicate with other students more readily than with faculty and staff
  • Can we bring counselors to campus?
    • Looking into it and reaching out to local counselors
    • We are also looking into ways to train students in suicide prevention
      • This is somewhat difficult due to the 2 day training that many students will not have the time for or the desire to sacrifice their weekends
    • Can we possibly designate student ambassadors to help/receive training?
    • Matt Naugle and Skyler Gutierrez are potential resources available to students for the semester as Clinical Mental Health Counseling interns from University of Lynchburg
    • Raylene will check to see who set up visits from the local SPCA at Randolph College to help students stress levels
  • We have received a complaint from a student regarding communications issues and customer service due to our inefficient phone system
    • Our current phone system is atrocious and antiquated. David has a plan for the new phone tree
  • Phone tree will probably have to change in 18 months once it’s been set up. Problem for another day
    • Ideally the new phone tree will have a balance between reducing the amount of time people spend listening to automated messages and reducing the rate of people playing phone tag
    • We want to move the phone system towards a function basis and away from a departmental basis like we have currently
    • Our current system calls the police first, then goes to an automated message, then to the counseling center if no numbers are selected, and then to a voicemail if the counseling office is busy
    • Our current message is long and inefficient. Shortening it to be concise and functional is needed for the new system
    • Our current system is a potential barrier to student success due to the difficulty with navigation
  • CVCC has received a grant
    • Is there anything in that grant that we can use to fund this?
  • We may need to bring in someone to help with programming the phone tree
  • Changes in organization are not reflected in the phone system and adds to problems of miscommunication
  • Potential phase 2? Install a go back to main menu function in the phone tree
  • Vote: motion to have David Lightfoot as a long term guest for assisting us with the phone tree -- passed
  • Have the phone system match the website
  • Most organizations have a switchboard to manage phone calls
Action Items:
  • Make Title IX information available to students via the folders in restrooms
    • Facilities committee has agreed to set up 5 holders in restrooms in Amherst Hall and the EMS wing to see how well they are received initially
  • Matt Naugle will check with counseling professors to see what University of Lynchburg does for students as well as the acceptance center.
  • Change meeting time to 1 pm on Thursdays: not passed
    • David will find someone to sub for his other committee meeting
    • We will play by ear regarding how much time David will be present during each meeting
    • The new phone tree will likely take a lot of time outside of meeting times from some members
  • David will come up with ideas and submit them to the committee for feedback
  • Have a list for most frequent calls that each department receives that are not for their department.
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