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Committee Name: Student Success Committee
Meeting Date: 1/21/2019 12:00:00 AM
Patti Saffioti, Cynthia Lofaso, Kimberly French, David Lightfoot, Collins Friddle, Brea Marshall
Teresa Ranson, Meredith McLaughlin, Renee Chalmers, Chris Jordan, Emma Donohue, Michael Farris, Matt Naugle, Joy Adams, Vickie Bowman
Minutes were approved from 11/13/2018.
  1. Magazine racks: They have been put up in the Amherst building in four women’s and one men’s restrooms with 20 Community Resource Guides, 20 Campus and Community Resources for Victims of Sexual Violence, 10 Sexual Assault Response Programs in English and 5 in Spanish. A spreadsheet has been set up to keep count of how much literature is taken per month. This will help justify if there is a need to expand these racks in the other buildings.
2. Microsoft preparation classes or free resources: Patti spoke with Dr. Lemons and it is the first he heard that there was a problem in ITE 115 or BUS 226. He asked what the numbers are for failure rates in ITE 115/BUS 226 and what prompted this concern. Only one faculty member brought it up. This is a concern to be handled by the division dean; Dr. Lemons will be contacted regarding this.
3. English as a Second Language resources/tutoring for students. Matt     Latimer had an ESL tutor, but they graduated. He has had trouble finding a replacement. Emily Muniz has reached out to the four-year schools and community and made a resource guide for students. Matt was asked to expand the search to the faculty association and possible put an ad in the paper.
4. Care Team – meeting is February 5. The structure of the team will have an inner circle and outer circle. The inner circle will meet often and the outer circle will meet monthly or as needed.
Committee Members:
Patti Saffioti – Dean of Student Success
Meredith McLaughlin – SAS Coordinator
Kimberly French- Emergency Fund Coordinator
Deanne McDaniel – Food Pantry Coordinator
Catherine Rice – Foundation and Scholarships
Marc Zoccola – Title IX Coordinator
Chief Russel Dove – Chief of Police
Cynthia Lofaso – Faculty Association
Micky Paige – Great Expectations Coach
Renee Chalmers – Fast Forward Coach
5. Phone Tree: David Lightfoot is meeting with department heads and is making progress towards the services provided theme of the phone tree that directs callers to the website.  Admissions and Records has completed their phone tree. Counseling and Financial Aid are the next departments who will complete this task.             
At the last meeting, Cynthia suggested that the website have a Contact Us page on the website. David followed through and made the “Contact Us” button available on the front page of the website, which links to important contacts for the college. It is now being advertised in the Daily Bulletin.
Food Pantry
  1. Cynthia asked if the food pantry could set up station snack sites throughout the campus for students to pick up crackers and small snacks.  Collins brought up ideas for the college to have planned food drives and offer rewards for bringing food. Patti will discuss both ideas with Deanne. 
Facebook Page
  1. There was a complaint made to a staff member about questions not being answered on CVCC’s Facebook page. Patti asked that the complaint be sent to Ken Bunch and Jill Markwood and they could decide if this needed to go to the Marketing Committee or if it would be dealt with internally.
The meeting was adjourned at 1:53.
Next Meeting: Tuesday, February 26, at 1 pm, room 2307
Recorder: Submitted by Patti Saffioti
Recommendation to the College Governance Committee
A recommendation will be made to the College Governance Committee that Voicemail to email be set as the default for every faculty/staff member.
Patti Saffioti
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