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Committee Name: Student Success Committee
Meeting Date: 4/8/2019 12:00:00 AM
Patti Saffioti                       
Cynthia Lofaso                                           
Renee Chalmers 
Bryan (Walter) Beverly
Teresa Ranson
Collins Friddle
Meredith McLaughlin
Chris Jordan
Will Perez
Emma Donohue
Michael Farris
Vickie Bowman
Kimberly French
Joy Adams         
Chris Jordan (family leave)
1. Minutes were approved from February 26, 2019
2. Care Team – met March 14. A new Student Emergency Fund form is being designed along with new procedures. Mental Health funding will be available for students. This referral will have a different process and will not be sent to the Student Emergency Fund Committee for approval but will be sent directly to the Foundation by the Dean of Student Success, Meredith McLaughlin or the new Community Connections Coordinator.
Committee Members:
Patti Saffioti – Dean of Student Success
Meredith McLaughlin – SAS Coordinator
Kimberly French- Emergency Fund Coordinator
Deanne McDaniel – Food Pantry Coordinator
Catherine Rice – Foundation and Scholarships
Marc Zoccola – Title IX Coordinator
Chief Russel Dove – Chief of Police
Cynthia Lofaso – Faculty Association
Micky Paige – Great Expectations Coach
Renee Chalmers – Fast Forward Coach
Community Connections Coordinator – TBA
3. CVCC Student Code of Conduct was voted on by the Student Conduct Committee. 
Each individual shall maintain standards of conduct appropriate to membership in the college community. The Student Honor Code and Student Conduct polices will be obeyed by every student.
This will be put on the CVCC website under Student Conduct
  1. The Student Success Committee recommended that a new page on the website be developed and called the Student Handbook page. This will include TITLE IX, Student Accessibility Services, and the other polices in the Student Handbook. 
    1. It was suggested the committee come up with a statement faculty can put on their syllabi to direct students to the Student Handbook webpage. This project will take approximately one year and will is the goal for the next academic year.
    2. Once the webpage and statement are developed, it will be recommended this be in Canvas for every course.
    3. It will be brought to the Faculty Association once completed
Goal for next academic year:  Update the Student Handbook page on the website to align with the PDF Student Handbook. The owners of each page referenced on this webpage will be asked to update their webpage before the links will be made active.
Committee Chair for 2019-2020: Collins Friddle
None at this time.
None at this time.
Patti Saffioti
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