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Committee Name: Student Success Committee
Meeting Date: 11/11/2019 12:00:00 AM
Kimberly French, Michael Farris, Brittney Cochrane, Cynthia Deutsch, Sarah Scheerer, Serena Saleh, Ken Bunch, Meredith McLaughlin, Terrell Robertson, Angela Perry, Elizabeth Narehood 
Theresa Ranson, Chris Jordan, Linda Roberts, Joy Adams, Kathy Kidd
Approved minutes from the previous meeting on October 1, 2019. 
  1. Sarah Scheerer volunteered to log into her student Navigate account so Kimberly could show us how it looks from the student side. We realized that the student is not able to see what their grade is on progress reports in Navigate because SIS midterm grades are not policy, so this is not tied into Navigate.
  2. Kimberly updated us on the number of visits to the Learning Commons and Academic Counseling Center - 513 unduplicated visits during the week of November 4-8.
  3. Cynthia and Kevin discussed the possibility of adding directions on Alert Feedback, and how it can help the advisor/counselor when feedback is provided by the professor. Cynthia also stressed the importance of differentiating Early Alerts and Progress Reports.
  4. For our next meeting, Kimberly asked us to define what an ‘at risk’ student is and what we think that means to students.
  5. Kimberly suggested starting a quarterly Student Success newsletter to include information on financial aid, The Learning Commons, Navigate, and other helpful topics so students can be kept up to date on student success resources. Terrell Robertson shared his input on how he thought this was a great idea. 
  6. School Supply Pantry – Brittney is working with Philmika Reid and Muriel Mickles on getting this approved.
Meeting ended at 2:00 pm.
There are no recommendations for the College Governance Committee at this time.
Brittney Cochrane
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