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Committee Name: Student Success Committee
Meeting Date: 1/21/2020 12:00:00 AM
Kimberly French, Kathy Kidd, Brittney Cochrane, Cynthia Deutsch, Sarah Scheerer, Meredith McLaughlin, Patti Saffioti

Visiting Members: Elizabeth Narehood, Philmika Reid, and Kevin Riley
Michael Farris, Theresa Ranson, Terrell Robertson, Serena Saleh, Chris Jordan, Linda Roberts, Joy Adams, Angela Perry, Ken Bunch
Approved minutes from the previous meeting on November 12, 2019. 
  • Discussed increase in Learning Common’s referrals during the fall 2019 semester; MALL 51, Student Success 33, Writing Center 24, and Community Connections 11.  The Student Success Center had a total of 482 students, 268 were unduplicated students, this is up 50 from last fall. The Writing Center had a total of 799 students, 239 were unduplicated. Brainfuse tutoring had 472 hours, up 106 hours from last fall using Smarthinking.
  • Kevin Riley spoke about updates with the Early Alerts in Navigate. The automatic feedback responses now read clearer for faculty and advisors instead of just a positive or negative feedback.
  • Philmika Reid updated us on the Food Pantry. It is now fully stocked and will be open a couple days of week! Someone will be working in the Food Pantry to help keep log of the items.
  • Kimberly asked us to define what an ‘at risk’ student is so we can come up with a definition next meeting and take it to governance.
  • Kimberly is starting the monthly Student Success Newsletter and asked for topics to highlight each month. The Learning Commons was agreed on for this first month along with student features.
  • Patti Saffioti updated everyone on the upcoming Learning Commons Pizza Party, a Mini Student Success Fair, and Drop-In sessions for the MALL / Writing Center.
  • Meredith McLaughlin brought up the point that our students struggle with finding information out about their financial aid in the message center. Elizabeth Narehood suggested looking into the VCCS to see how other schools are using the message center and training their students. There should be a how to video available. Everyone discussed the idea of setting CVCC Priority Deadlines for FAFSA so students can be guaranteed to have their aid processed before classes begin. We will talk more about this next meeting.
Meeting ended at 2:00
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Brittney Cochrane
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