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Committee Name: Student Success Committee
Meeting Date: 9/8/2020 12:00:00 AM
Kimberly French, Philmika Reid, Karen Alexander, Cynthia Deutsch, Serena Saleh, Michael Duncan, Ken Bunch, Shannon McDermott, Kevin Riley, Brittney Cochrane, Patti Staffioti, Meredith Mclaughlin
Victor Sizemore, Layia Perry, Arlene Gunter, Angela Perry, Ryan McNamara
  • Nominated and elected a chair of the committee, Kimberly French re-elected.
  • Nominated and elected recorder for the committee, Brittney Cochrane re-elected.
  • Kimberly mentioned we need to develop our goals/ideas for this year. Discussed putting a focus on how to be successful with remote learning and the positives of remote learning.
  • It was decided to continue with Student Success Newsletters. It was discussed that we would feature remote learning/ the Learning Commons for our first newsletter this term. Serena, who has done a great job on our precious newsletters, volunteered to do the September Newsletter.
  • Barriers to students was discussed. Patti brought up pre-requisites as possible barriers, and the barriers that can come along with students not being able to enroll themselves. The difficulty with understanding access codes for certain classes was brought up as a barrier. Kimberly will contact Kathy Thomas about help with explaining Pearson, Counseling has met with students who seem to be struggling with this product in classes.
  • Kevin asked how Real Time online classes are going. Cynthia and Shannon are not doing Zoom. Meredith shared she has had some students express that they are not able to find the recorded Zoom class meetings. Cynthia advised that goes to AVP - there should be a link posted by the professor in Canvas for students to access Zoom meetings. Spoke about how important it is for faculty to check in on students keep them active in their class. Cynthia brought up how she feels students struggle with understanding the terminology of Virtual and Virtual Real Time terms. Kim mentioned how we also use the term, Live Online, to try and explain the online meeting classes.
  • Philmika brought up how important engagement is, especially during this time. She spoke about bringing mental health, coping skills, and balancing life into the conversation with students. Patti brought up Deanne McDaniel’s role and how we could ask for her to help provide more engagement options. Cynthia brought up how we could do mini sessions on hot topics such as: depression, social isolation, social engagement, being financially savy in college, and offer them via Zoom. It was discussed how being virtual, workshops might be more well attended versus students being restricted when on campus by time.
  • Kimberly shared some updates:
    • Fall Check In campaign sent out by counseling to students enrolled for fall 2020. So far, it has been reported students are happy to just hear that someone was reaching out to check in.
    • New alerts added to raise for students: Social Engagement alerts which is referred to Deanne McDaniel and the Career Services alerts get referred to Sarah Jarrett.
    • New Student Orientation online competition update: 960 students have completed
  • Patti mentioned that September 17 is the Virtual Open House. She spoke about how we could give prizes and how we can reach out to Education Foundation for e gift cards.
  • Serena updated from a student view; she feels that the students who need help don’t actively seek it. How can we target them? Philmika mentioned how we can get other students engaged by being the host of certain sessions. This could make other students feel more comfortable by connecting with other peers.
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Brittney Cochrane
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