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Committee Name: Student Success Committee
Meeting Date: 10/13/2020 12:00:00 AM
Kimberly French, Victor Sizemore, Arlene Gunter, Philmika Reid, Kevin Riley, Angela Perry, Serena Saleh, Michael Duncan, Shannon McDermott, Donna Grant-Paige, Ryan McNamara, Karen Alexander, Brittney Cochrane, Ken Bunch, Meredith McLaughlin
Michael Farris, Cynthia Deutsch, Joy Adams, Patti Saffioti, Layia Perry
  • Approved the minutes from the last two meetings
  • MALL update – Kimberly per Chris Carpenter as of October 7, 137 students have made appointments. Tutors have contacted students in Developmental Math and MATH 154/155 classes. A MALL Canvas page has been created for all students who are enrolled in math classes. The MALL sent an email to students enrolled in math classes with information on how students can get connected with the MALL/ make appointments and their extended hours. The MALL plans to hire a couple more math peer tutors. The MALL launched an email campaign to all Dual Enrollment math students on Monday, October 12.
  • Student Success Center update: Kimberly per Joy Adams, from 8/24 to 10/9 there has been a total 78 tutoring appointments for variety of subjects.
  • Writing Center update: Kimberly per Matt Latimer, student have made 234 appointments, 93 of which are unduplicated.
  • Library update: Kimberly per Mike Fein, the library made 421 student ID’s; 104 laptops through the Loaner Laptop program have been checked out and 7 have been returned.
  • Navigate update: Kevin Riley –713 total early alerts raised so far, includes flags, referrals and kudos. There are new alerts for the loaner laptop program and needing help with internet connections. There will be a new pathway for students to make an appointment coming up after the spring semester. Shannon asked if we could have a reminder put on early alerts about how the comments are sent to Navigator/Counselor not the student. Meredith brought up the point of how multiple alerts are being raised on the same student, (low engagement, in danger of failing, low test scores). Kimberly talked about how only one alert needs to be selected, the most pressing one, and then comments can be added as to what else is going on with the alert.  Kimberly will work with Hunter Overstreet to have this information shared with all faculty.
  • Community Connections update: Philmika – So far this fall semester she has met with over 60 students for a variety reasons. She continues to follow up with students even after meeting with them and assisting them with what they needed. She is meeting with more rural students who live far away, and struggle with resources like internet.  She has been working closely with the Emergency Fund Committee and Education Foundation. She sent a survey out through Navigate on 10/12 ending on 10/28 asking students about how the Community Resources services has been for them. She continues to provide updates on the support and resources available to all faculty/staff.
  • Workforce update: Angela Perry – her office is starting two new classes, a Solar System Installer class this spring and eventually an Apartment Maintenance class.
  • Financial Aid update: Ryan, eligible students enrolled in the 16 week and 1st 8-week classes have had their aid disbursed. Refunds will be sent out soon. For 16-week classes, the bookstore deadline date was extended for students to use aid in bookstore. Multiple refunds are possible depending on timing and type of aid being disbursed. Students enrolled in 2nd 8-week classes will have aid disbursed shorty after classes start. Students in these classes will be able to use their aid in bookstore up through 10/30/20.
  • Student Success Newsletter: It was discussed the newsletter for October would focus on preparing students for spring enrollment, financial management/FAFSA and Community Resources like utility assistance. Philmika reported she is seeing an increase of need for utility assistance during this time. The November/December newsletter will focus on stress management, test anxiety, managing burnout, and the Great Expectations program. Ken volunteered to do the October newsletter. Kimberly asked that we send all topics for newsletter to her and she will get them to Ken.
  • Shannon asked about the option for students to come to the campus parking lots for internet use. Meredith shared an update from the e2IT committee per Ashley Pearson that was about how CVCC will be adding more wireless access points on campus to help students that need wifi. The new access points will extend coverage into the parking lot outside of the bookstore and behind Bedford hall. This should be in place before the spring term. Ken brought up how he knows that signage is being updated on campus about campus buildings being closed and he could pass this along to Kris to try an include this information on signage about if the parking lot.
  • Philmika asked if there is any way to track the emails we send to students, like the PDF for newsletters just to see how many students are getting our information. Kim said she will ask Jill what she uses since she has some type of system to track viewed emails.
None at this time. 
None at this time.
Brittney Cochrane
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