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Committee Name: Student Success Committee
Meeting Date: 4/13/2021 12:00:00 AM
Ken Bunch, Angela Perry, Ryan McNamara, Shannon McDermott, Cynthia Deutsch, Victor Sizemore, Karen Alexander, Meredith McLaughlin, Kevin Riley, Brittney Cochrane, Kimberly French
Michael Farris, Joy Adams, Patti Saffioti, Donna Grant-Paige, Arlene Gunter, Michael Duncan, Layia Perry, Philmika Reid, Serena Saleh
  • Approved the minutes from the last meeting on 1-26-21.
  • Direct Enrollment Update: Brittney and Kimberly provided an update about the new Direct Enrollment placement per the VCCS. Students no longer are required to take the Virginia Placement Test, other than dual enrolled students. The VCCS has moved all of the colleges into phases of Direct Enrollment. CVCC is a phase 2 school, PVCC was a phase 1 and is our mentor school. There is a placement survey that all students will now complete. The survey is completed after a student has applied to the college. There are two different surveys; one survey is for students out of high school with in the past 5 years and another survey is for adult students who have been out of highschool 6 years or more. Once submitted, the survey gives feedback to the students as to which classes they need to enroll. For 5 years or less, the survey asks for students to report GPA, and select the highest level of a math class they remember taking. For 6 years or more, the survey asks more in-depth questions, similar to the informed self-placement form to help determine placement. Once a student submits their survey, student groups will automatically populate in SIS so students are able to enroll themselves.
  • FLUID/Navigate Update: Kevin shared that there is a new look coming to SIS, the FLUID site. For staff members it is just a new look option. We will still have the current “classic” look. For students, it will be a permanent new look. It will be a more user-friendly view showing their balance, class schedule, and other helpful information. Navigate will have a new appointment pathway in June. This new pathway will be a direct link for each department/each advisor that can be shared for students to make an appointment. New appointment centers have been added for Michael Duncan in Admission & Records.
  • Early Alert Update: Kevin shared that we have had 1,099 total alerts/kudos/referrals for spring which is about the same as last year. There is an update coming for alerts, where they can now be listed as positive, negative, or neutral.
  • Financial Aid Update: Ryan shared that so far, the summer awarding is going well. This is the first summer without requiring the summer aid form to be submitted. Ryan also shared that his office is being proactive by trying to receive as many verification documents as they can for fall now. He shared that about 1,080 students were awarded CARES Covid relief grant money. He shared they are working with an Equity Group to help make it easier for students to navigate the steps for financial aid.
  • Learning Commons Update: Kimberly provided an update per Patti Saffioti and shared that there will be 6 embedded tutors for each of the following classes MDE 54/MTH 154; MDE 61/MTH161; EDE 11; BIO 101/102; BIO 141/142; CHM 111 and ITE 115. The Learning Commons is creating a training in Canvas for all tutors to complete within 2 weeks of being hired. Kimberly reported that the current embedded tutors are going well.
  • Elect Officers
    • Chair/Co-Chair – none elected at this time.
    • Recorder -Shannon McDermott volunteered to be the Recorder and all were in favor of Shannon being the Recorder.
Other Business:
  • Ken shared that if anyone has any students success stories revolving around the Loaner Laptop Program, REV Program, or tutoring, please let him know.
  • Discussed how tutoring levels have been lower during remote learning compared to being on campus prior to Covid. The Tutoring Center tries to connect with students who are referred, but students are not always following up.
  • Karen shared that there will be two separate virtual graduation ceremonies. Tuesday, May 11, 2021 at 7 p.m. for the 2020 graduates and Thursday, May 13, 2021 at 7 p.m. for the 2021 graduates. The Graduation Committee is working with Full Measure to put the graduations together. Students have been notified via text messages and emails. The students have the option to submit a photo along with a quote that will appear on the screen when their name is called. The ceremonies speeches are prerecorded, and the ceremonies will be available live for everyone to join in. After the live ceremonies, the recordings will be shared for anyone to go back and view. There is also going to be a filter on social media for CVCC graduates and they can share their graduation celebrations with a hashtag. There will also be a drive thru graduation parade on Wednesday, May 12, 6:00 - 7:30 p.m. for the graduates to line up in the lower parking lot and make a loop around campus where staff/faculty will be cheering them on. We can take up to 100 volunteers.

Meeting ended at: 1:53 pm
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Brittney Cochrane
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