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Committee Name: Student Success Committee
Meeting Date: 9/7/2021 12:00:00 AM
Ken Bunch, Vic Sizemore, Patti Saffioti, Kevin Riley, and Shannon McDermott
Angela Perry, Ryan McNamara, Karen Alexander, Meredith McLaughlin, Kimberly French, Michael Farris, Joy Adams, Donna Grant-Paige, Arlene Gunter, Michael Duncan, Layia Perry, and Nelson Ayala
This was an informal, late-notice meeting without an agenda; no old business was discussed. Note that meeting minutes from last spring’s meeting, as well as this one should be approved at the next official meeting.
  • Perspective on the semester so far was discussed: Early College and virtual classes appear to be going well so far, in-person classes are seeing enrollment declines for various reasons. COVID-19 cases on campus seem to be increasing.
  • This committee usually develops a newsletter for students, but beyond the usual Learning Commons information, we need ideas about what to include. Suggestion was raised that we discuss COVID in the newsletter and to increase engagement with the newsletter, offer an incentive to those who read it (drawing for a prize or something).
  • Suggestion was raised to invite Dr. Evora Baker, as TRIO Director, to this meeting. She can attend as a guest, and if she’s interested in becoming a permanent member, we can vote her in at the next meeting where quorum is reached. Shannon agreed to message Dr. Baker and invite to her our next meeting, as well as ask if she has any general ideas for improving student success.
  • No present members volunteered to serve as Chair
Shannon McDermott
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