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Committee Name: Student Success Committee
Meeting Date: 10/12/2021 12:00:00 AM
Kimberly French, Patti Saffioti, Ryan McNamara, Vic Sizemore, Angela Perry, Kevin Riley, Nelson Ayala, Brittney Cochrane, Layia Perry, Meredith McLaughlin, Ken Bunch, Evora Baker, and Shannon McDermott
Karen Alexander, Michael Farris, Joy Adams, Arlene Gunter, Michael Duncan
Motion to approve minutes from previous meeting by Patti Saffioti, seconded by Vic Sizemore.
Updates from various departments/initiatives:
  • FLUID/Navigate – Kimberly French
    • Phase 2 will release in early November. New features will mainly be for faculty/advisor users as well as finalizing Class Search features. Certain pages that were previously only available on Classic will be moved to FLUID versions. Some added/updated tiles include: Schedule/Roster, Calendar, and Navigate.
    • Discussed some Navigate usage information: 6152 users in Navigate, 599 new users. 926 to-dos have been added. Students opted into “Study Buddies” 253 times (160 unique students). We can still get more students to use these and push notifications, so need to let students know these features exist. Navigate also has students identify what they’re looking for in jobs: 121 said “high job demand,” 180 said “high salary,” and 327 said match their interests.” Top 10 interests: health, psychology, science, business, art and music, computers, English, math, sports and physical ed, history.
    • Student intake survey: pops up when they enter Navigate for the first time.
      • “I have a preference to take my classes in the following delivery method:” 37% asynchronous virtual, 31.9% in-person, 19% hybrid, 2% virtual real-time (synchronous).
      • “Select services that they want help with:” 32% speak with a counselor, next ones were financial aid; bookstore.
      • 37% (325 students) taking their first-ever online class
      • “Select all that apply:” – highest in order were: plan to work PT, plan to work FT, first to attend college in immediate family, need a computer/device for my classes
  • Financial Aid – Ryan McNamara
    • Number of students dropped for non-payment was in the 40s this semester, while it was in the 80s last fall, so substantial improvement (accounting, financial aid, and the foundation all helped with this).
    • Percent of students that enrolled in the Fall and submitted the FAFSA is about 77%. Looked at what kind of need categories they fell into:
      • Full Pell eligible: about 39% of students that submitted the FAFSA
      • Pell eligible of some quantity: about 56%
      • Pell eligible of some quantity OR state grant eligible: about 63% (receiving some kind of aid)
    • New FAFSA for ’22-’23 is available, students can fill it out now for next Fall, but CVCC won’t be able to access them until January
  • Learning Commons – Patti Saffioti
    • Intake survey is great for getting resources to students, especially the laptops and hotspots. We initially had 207 laptops received from Liberty, refurbished to the best of our ability, but they were still pretty crappy. Since purchased another 200 and are exchanging them for the LU ones as they break down. Currently 230 laptops checked out and planning on purchasing another 100. We have 197 hotspots checked out, and will activate 50 more in case more students request them (start paying once they’re activated, so don’t want to activate more than we think we’ll need).
    • Marjan now FT in the library. Hiring 1 more PT person.
    • Embedded tutor in every MDE course (co-req for MTH 154 and 161). 3 embedded tutors in EDE 11 classes (co-req for ENG 111). Also have them in BIO 141, BIO 101-102, and ITE 115. Difficult to find tutors, so please recommend students to Patti. Not a quick process, so do this ASAP for the Spring. Tutoring numbers tripled from last year, both face-to-face and virtual (but virtual is nearly maxed out). Need to hire more regular tutors too.
    • Addressing student hunger: can’t have bottled water on campus anymore, but do have free snacks at the SSC, please donate food to them to share.
  • Workforce – Angela Perry
    • Solar Installer Technician program: pilot school for the solar lab in the upper parking lot
    • NCCER Core/Electrical II starting in January
    • CDL is ongoing. Used to partner with VWCC, now with SVCC, so classes are held in South Boston or Blackstone.
    • Twila and Francie have classes available for medical assistant, EMT, medical scribes
  • TRIO – Evora Baker
    • Pushing all TRIO students to get their FAFSAs done by end of November
    • Still recruiting students for TRIO. Have funding for 140, currently have about 118-120.
    • Working with students one-on-one to help them get assignments done, as well as collecting programming to help with study skills
    • Kim suggested a video about TRIO that she can use in new student orientation
  • Try to do 2 a semester, but this semester, will need to just do the November/December issue.
  • Add info about TRIO, online success tips, students really need help with study skills, time management, and stress management. Can also talk about registration info, preparation for final exams.
  • Patti suggested links to YouTube videos being added to the videos
  • Kim suggested links to Student Lingo videos (30 mins long, but good and interactive).
  • Evora suggested getting tips from actual students, like her TRIO students who have learned how to better manage time, etc. Patti added that the peer tutors may also be able to help with this.
  • Design work: Evora, Kim, Brittney, Ken volunteered to help
Spirit Fridays/Door decoration
  • Seeing the participation among students and employees is great!
Food pantry/vouchers/drives
  • Lee is working with Daily Bread to start a food drive. Boxes will be in counseling and library. Lee will send out a list of items that are commonly needed.
  • Deanne manned the food pantry, and so until we replace her position, our food pantry isn’t available.
  • Meredith suggested to Chris Bryant a “lunch voucher” for Market and Main – basically a voucher for a sandwich, drink, snack to give out to students in need. Patti has seen students panhandling to buy food, so we know there’s a need.
Patti suggested we can give students refillable water bottles (CVCC branded), since we can’t provide plastic water bottles anymore. Michele has a budget for this kind of swag, maybe the SSC can get some funding for this too.

Other Business:
  • Today is Kevin’s last day – show of appreciation!
  • Student Ambassador Applications are due 10/22, so students might be asking for letters of recommendation. Early College students aren’t preferred, simply because we need students that can be on campus during normal hours, but they’re not ineligible – they can help with virtual information sessions.
  • Tours are happening again!
Meeting ended at: 1:48 pm. Motion to adjourn by Brittney Cochrane. Seconded by Patti Saffioti.

Shannon McDermott
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