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Committee Name: Student Success Committee
Meeting Date: 1/25/2022 12:00:00 AM
Kimberly French, Patti Saffioti, Ryan McNamara, Angela Perry, Nelson Ayala, Brittney Cochrane, Layia Perry, Ken Bunch, Karen Alexander, Nadine Greene-Hicks, Michael Duncan, Elizabeth Narehood, and Shannon McDermott
Vic Sizemore, Meredith McLaughlin, Michael Farris, Joy Adams, Arlene Gunter
  • Patti Saffioti suggested a change to the previous minutes: the library is only able to hire one part-time employee, rather than the two that the previous minutes indicated. With that change made, Patti motioned to approve, and all voted in favor.
  • Newsletter
    • Did not happen last semester, hope to get one done this semester
    • What could we include?
      • COVID information from a student standpoint
        • Shannon suggested summarizing the guidelines for when to return to campus if test positive. Patti mentioned that Kris sent a flowchart that shows this information clearly.
        • Patti suggested that we mention that if a student has any symptoms of any sickness – stay off campus because we don’t know what it is
        • Kim suggested that we include some information about what CVCC is doing for students who are quarantined/isolated. Patti mentioned how she’s heard of many faculty being creative in helping students that can’t be in-person. Even the courses that are more hands-on, like welding, etc. Patti mentions she has had only ONE complaint from students about faculty not working with them.
        • Maybe Nadine and Lee can contribute some things to include/highlight? Nadine mentioned that the food pantry goes live in 5 days – include the hours for the food pantry.
    • Nadine and Kim will work together on the newsletter.
Welcome to Nadine Greene-Hicks, our Community Connections Coordinator and permanent member of this committee.
Updates from various departments/initiatives:
  • Title III – Elizabeth Narehood
    • Debra Crews is Kevin Riley’s replacement (Applications Engineer), started Monday 1/24. Elizabeth reports that appointments in the SSC are up.
  • Learning Commons – Patti Saffioti
    • Seeing lots of COVID cases but doing our best to keep campus safe.
    • MALL doubled their numbers (students seen) than last year.
    • Still have plenty of money to hire embedded tutors.
    • All laptops checked out, still have some hotspots. Want to order more laptops but encountering various red tape issues. Will hopefully have 20 more laptops before the end of the week. Going back to those crappy refurbished ones to see if we can get some more life out of them. Nelson suggested that the faculty donate their old laptops and Patti indicated that they would indeed be a donation, but IT is hesitant to refurbish because it’s simply so much work.
  • Admissions and Records – Karen Alexander and Michael Duncan
    • Karen: Planning spring graduation soon, hope to have an in-person ceremony, but will also need a backup plan if so. Summer schedule planning is forthcoming.
    • Michael: Not doing the attendance surveys anymore, but still doing the progress survey. That one is run at about 30-35% through the semester (or at least 2 weeks before the withdrawal date).
  • Workforce – Angela Perry
    • Running NCCER Core/Electrical II now
    • Health classes are always ongoing
    • Solar Installer Technician program: solar lab in the upper parking lot installed, but encountered problems starting the course, waiting for summer/next Fall.
    • CDL is also slowed for now, hoping to get that going again.
  • Marketing – Ken Bunch
    • Chris Bryant added the Learning Commons to the CVCC homepage
  • Counseling – Layia, Brittney, Kim
    • Contacting students that have applied for Fall 2022, will be starting their onboarding soon
    • Dual Enrollment students have never been assigned a Navigator before, but they are now, in case they decide to come to campus
  • Financial Aid – Ryan McNamara
    • Students have various requirements to maintain financial aid. One is that they have to complete 67% of courses (F or W grades do not count towards completion). Students can do a SAP (Satisfactory Academic Progress) appeal to get their financial aid back, but now Financial Aid will sometimes only approve the appeal if they limit the number of courses they can take so they aren’t taking a full load – more likely to succeed if their credits are limited.
Student Success project?
  • Brittney mentioned getting more laptops, hotspots, maybe also headphones – can we help with that?
  • Student surveys indicate that they want more social engagement and help with study skills
    • For study skills, professional tutors help with study skills, students can be referred to them by SDV instructors
    • Angela suggested that Lee could plan a first-year student get-together, provided there isn’t a ban on large gatherings (certain numbers have to be approved). Not sure what the upper limit is, would have to ask Kris. Angela added that social engagement is difficult right now simply because we haven’t been able to do these large group get-togethers.
    • Brittney mentioned doing Student Success Workshops
    • Kim suggested that maybe the faculty develop some study skills videos/resources for their classes or share ones they’ve already developed. Shannon will bring this request as well as the information that students are seeking help with social engagement and study skills to the Faculty Association.
    • Ryan asked what kind of outreach is done to encourage students to seek tutors. Patti responded with multiple faculty and staff sending emails out throughout the semester.
Shannon will bring to the Faculty Association:
  • Request that the faculty consider student desires for social engagement and study skills
  • Request for any study skills resources they have developed or can develop
Shannon McDermott
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