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Committee Name: Student Success Committee
Meeting Date: 4/12/2022 12:00:00 AM
Kimberly French, Patti Saffioti, Arlene Gunter, Vic Sizemore, Nelson Ayala, Brittney Cochrane, Layia Perry, Karen Alexander, Nadine Greene-Hicks, Evora Baker, Meredith McLaughlin, and Shannon McDermott
Ryan McNamara, Michael Farris, Joy Adams, Angela Perry, Ken Bunch, Michael Duncan
  • Minutes from the previous meeting (1/25/22) were approved. We did not meet on 3/1/22 due to a lack of agenda items.
  • Update on Student Survey to Faculty Association: Shannon McDermott informed the faculty at a previous faculty association meeting of the results of the student survey and indicated an interest in collecting study skills resources, especially ones focused on specific classes. So far, a few faculty have sent Kimberly such resources, but she’d love to have more to give students during orientation/SDV.
Updates from various departments/initiatives:
  • NAS 2/BIO 141: starting Fall 2022, students who wish to enroll in BIO 141 will need to complete an additional pre-requisite. They have three options: 1) Take a NAS 2 course (1-credit developmental course, offered over the summer and as a 4-week option at the beginning of the Fall semester, 2) Take a challenge exam to place out of NAS 2 (at the student success center, they have two attempts, and there’s a free, online, self-paced prep course available on Canvas), or 3) Take BIO 101. If you’re advising students who need accommodations for the challenge exam, give them Meredith’s contact information and she can set them up.
  • Evora Baker (TRIO): having an end-of-semester celebration for TRIO students. Reaching out to students that started strong but are starting to lag. Trying to determine where the problem is and what TRIO and CVCC can do to get those students back on track.
  • Nadine Greene-Hicks (Community Connections): Food pantry is currently set up in the faculty lounge in Amherst Hall. Hoping to move to the student lounge, but waiting on shelving units from Facilities. Two work-study students will be manning it for now, but they have limited availability, so Nadine is still looking for more people. Also she will be looking for volunteers for Vibe Fest (April 23). Also hosting five financial literacy coaches from LU to help students manage credit card debt and develop a budget. They are booking 25 (total) 30-minute sessions in advance using a QR code.
  • Brittney: goals for next year include getting all pre-reqs listed on the program pathways on the new website. We are still missing some in the engineering pathway, and possibly others. Need to talk to each program head to make sure the pathways are correct, as well as possibly including “recommended” pre-reqs – so if a course is not technically a pre-req, but the instructor thinks it should be, could be included as a “recommended pre-req.” This would prevent counseling and students themselves from enrolling students in courses they are not ready for. This is a problem because we’re still dealing with the fallout from the elimination of all local pre-reqs and going back to the Master Course File for everything, plus changes from Peer Groups to add pre-reqs back statewide, plus changes from Transfer Virginia that are being added to the MCF, but may not immediately take effect locally. Going to have to make sure that the MCF/SIS/website/course catalog all match up.
    • Also need to make sure that the terms that courses are offered are up to date – the engineering pathway listed chemistry as only offered in the fall, which isn’t accurate.
Will need to assign new officers for the next academic year. Nearly all the representatives are rotating off this year, and Patti’s position is permanently being removed. Will wait until we have new members to make that decision.
None at this time.
  • Mondays from 10am-2pm in the library is express enrollment sessions for Fall for both new and existing students. Also running financial aid questions through there too. No appointments necessary. Share with all students.
Shannon McDermott
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