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Class Rosters and Recording Attendance

Please remember that no student is permitted to attend a class if his/her name does not appear on the class roster. Students who attend a class, but whose name is not listed on the roster, should be sent to the Admissions & Records Office immediately to see why they are not enrolled.

1st Roster Submission – Drop Date:

Federal financial aid regulation 668.22(b) requires that class rosters are submitted after the first two weeks in the semester in order to verify that students who have applied for financial assistance have actually attended class and/or logged into Distance Education classes (for information on attendance in online courses, see the Distance Learning courses section of this manual). Due to these financial aid rules, students who have not met this requirement must be dropped from the course.

Each academic division office will provide drop rosters after the first week of the semester to each faculty member.  For any student listed on the class roster that has never attended a class, place a “D” for drop in the Drop/Withdrawal column in front of the student’s name. If all students are attending, simply write “all attending” at the top of the rosterFaculty members need to sign & date the class roster and turn it into the appropriate division office by the date specified in the academic calendar.

Instructors who drop a student in error must contact their Academic Dean because this can impact the student’s financial aid and enrollment later in the semester. Rosters that are received late will result in students being processed as withdrawals. Because of the possible negative impact to students, faculty members failing to submit their rosters by the due date will have their names submitted to the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Student Services.

Instructors for dynamic/weekend courses should submit their attendance rosters by the drop date in the academic calendar. If the first class meets on a weekend, they should submit rosters the following Monday.

Any student who is auditing a course should not be dropped for non-attendance.

2nd Roster Submission – Withdrawal Date: 

According to VCCS Policy 5.6.2, a student may withdraw from a course without academic penalty during the first 60% of a session.

After the drop period, but prior to completion of 60% of a session, a student who withdraws or is withdrawn from a course shall be assigned a grade of “W”. After that time, if a student withdraws or is withdrawn from a course, a grade of “F” shall be assigned.

A Withdrawal grade implies that the student was making satisfactory progress in the course at the time of withdrawal, or that the withdrawal was officially made before the deadline date published in the academic calendar, or that the student was administratively transferred to a different program.

To withdraw a student, instructors or faculty members should place a “W” in the Drop/Withdrawal column in front of the student’s name and provide the student’s last date of attendance.

Admissions & Records will notify students if they have been dropped or withdrawn from a course.

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