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Online (Web) Course Development

The following outlines the process for the creation of new online courses. 

  1. The faculty member and the division dean will consult about the need for a (new) online course offering.
    • The Dean may request that a course be developed to meet program needs
    • The Faculty member may propose the development of a course that meets an unmet need of the service region or program.
  2. The division dean will consult with the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Student Services about new web-course development.
    • VP verifies whether the proposed course meets a programmatic or market need
    • VP verifies availability of funding for the new web-course development
  3. The instructor, the division dean, and the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Student Services will sign an agreement for the production of a web-based course.
    • This Agreement (Agreement for Production of a Web-based Course) should be completed the semester before the scheduled delivery of course
    • $1,500 is paid to instructor upon completion of course development and successful review by a peer review team.  This (payment) is dependent upon available funding.  In the absence of funding (for that fiscal year), all agreements are retained for payment to faculty in the (chronological) order in which they were received. 
    • This Agreement states that the faculty course developer agrees to be a peer reviewer as a part of a team for (future) course reviews
  4. The instructor will develop the course.
    • The development of the course reflects the standards identified in the peer review rubric guidelines to assure online course quality (Peer Review Rubric).
    • During course development, a faculty member may receive technical and pedagogical support from the Distance Education Center.
  5. The course will be peer reviewed.
    • The course will be assigned to a Peer Review team.  The peer review team(s) follow the established process for review (Online Course Review Process)
    • After “passing” the review, the instructor is paid for the course development and the course is offered
  6. The course will be delivered.
  7. The course will be subject to feedback or revision.
    • Feedback from the Peer Review Process is used to make course improvements before offering.
    • Student feedback can be used to make (future) pedagogical and technological improvements.
    • Deans may provide feedback about course improvements from student evaluations
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