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At the times designated for Final Examsin the Academic Calendar for each scheduled semester and in the hours set aside by this designation for individual classes, each teaching faculty member is required to give a final examination, provide an appropriate evaluation, or continue instruction during the scheduled final examination period. It is the faculty member's responsibility to consult with the Academic  Dean concerning the method to be used, reaching an agreement that is consistent with the content/concept of each course.  Variations from this procedure must be approved by the Academic Dean. Student attendance during Final Exam] times must be consistent with practices used during regularly scheduled classes in the semester.

Students will be expected to take examinations at the regularly scheduled times. No exceptions will be made without the permission of the course instructor and/or the Academic Dean.

Any alterations to the final examination schedule must be approved by the respective Academic  Dean in consultation with the instructor and Vice President for Academic Affairs and Student Services prior to the last official class day of the respective semester.

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