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The VCCS Faculty Development and Evaluation Model Plan represents an important milestone on the journey of Virginia’s Community Colleges to enhance student success by recruiting, hiring, retaining, and rewarding teaching faculty who bring excellence to colleges and classrooms. Since 2011, hundreds of faculty, administrators, and staff have contributed to re-engineering the faculty evaluation system in order that it may more explicitly focus on faculty ownership of high standards, continuous improvement, and recognition and reward.

The process began with the ad hoc VCCS Master Teacher Group identifying the qualities of great teaching and of great teachers. Under the leadership of Dr. Terry Whisnant (Professor of Behavioral and Social Sciences, SVCC) and Dr. Chris Lee (VCCS Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resource Services), the Faculty Evaluation Workgroup, comprised of faculty, administrators, and staff from across Virginia’s Community Colleges, consulted internal and external experts as they vetted ideas for a new evaluation system. The Chancellor’s Faculty Advisory Committee, the Council of Deans and Directors, the Academic and Student Affairs Council, the Advisory Council of Presidents, the Re-engineering Task Force, and the State Board for Community Colleges supported the process by offering ideas and insights in open forums around the state, through their responses to rough drafts and surveys, and by their patience and trust in the process. The new Faculty Development and Evaluation System represents the best thinking and most generous intentions of those who serve Virginia’s Community Colleges.

Special recognition is due to the members of the Model Plan Committee who shepherded the Plan through dozens of drafts. Mr. Ty Corbin (JSRCC), Dr. William Hightower (WCC), Dr. Christopher Lee (VCCS), and Mr. Patrick Tompkins (JTCC) authored major sections and appendices of the Model Plan. Additionally, the Reward and Recognition section, including Appendix J and Appendix K, and the Student Survey of Instruction (Appendix F) were substantially based on materials from J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College; the Class Observation Assessment Form (Appendix G) was substantially based on material from John Tyler Community College. Ms. Marian Hassell (VCCS), Dr. Marleen McCabe (NVCC), Ms. Karen Petersen (VCCS), Ms. Vickie Ratliff (MECC), Mr. Paul Weitzel (ESCC), and Dr. Terry Whisnant (SVCC) lent invaluable support to the Model Plan from ideation through emendation.

Chancellor Glenn DuBois charged the Faculty Evaluation Workgroup with undertaking a comprehensive revision of faculty evaluation in the VCCS to better align faculty performance with student success, but whatever beneficent effects the new evaluation system and the Model Plan have on service to the students of Virginia’s Community Colleges will be due to the faculty and administrators who actualize these instruments that have been designed by people to serve people.

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