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Guiding Principles

The following are Guiding Principles that are inherent in the Faculty Development and Evaluation System.

  • Virginia’s Community Colleges intend to foster a culture of high performance and a shared commitment to the mission of the VCCS and the Colleges.
  • A commitment to excellence with a focus on student success should be evident in all that we do.
  • Faculty efforts should encompass effective performance in Teaching, Scholarly and Creative Engagement, Institutional Responsibility, and Service.
  • Faculty should take ownership of their performance and professional development as an ongoing job responsibility and as a responsibility of a member of the college community.
  • Professional Development, Evaluation, and Recognition should be purposefully mutually reinforcing of each other.
  • Evidence should inform evaluation and professional development decisions.
  • Achievement should be recognized.
  • Exemplary performance should be rewarded.
  • Peer involvement and collaboration should be encouraged.
  • Stakeholders who use the Faculty Development and Evaluation process should be well-trained in its purpose and use.
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