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Introduction to the Model Plan

The VCCS Full-time Teaching Faculty Development and Evaluation Model Plan represents the highest aspirations of the VCCS faculty evaluation system and integrates expert opinion from award-winning VCCS faculty and other internal and external experts on teaching and faculty evaluation. Colleges may adopt the Model Plan, adapt it to their local needs, or develop their own evaluation plans that conform to the philosophy, policy, and technical requirements of the VCCS Faculty Development and Evaluation System.


The VCCS Model Plan was implemented in the Fall 2013.

Review Process

At least once every two years, the Model Plan shall be reviewed by each college that uses it as the college’s Faculty Development and Evaluation Plan. The review process shall provide the opportunity for involvement of all full-time teaching faculty. Recommendations for change shall be approved by a majority of the faculty who participate in the vote, either in person or by absentee ballot, and shall be submitted to the president for approval. If the recommended changes are not approved, the president must submit recommended modifications for further consideration and re-submission. The new plan must also be certified by the Chancellor as adhering to the philosophy, policy, and technical requirements of the VCCS Faculty Development and Evaluation System. The college’s existing plan will remain in effect unless or until a revised plan is approved by a majority vote of the faculty, approved by the college president, and certified by the Chancellor.

The VCCS System Office will initiate a system-level review process for the Model Plan at least once in the two years after first implementation and periodically thereafter when deemed necessary or appropriate by the Chancellor or the Chancellor’s designees.

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