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Field Trips and Student Activity Trips

Trips relating to classroom instruction are encouraged, but they should be used only when they provide more enriching experiences than the normal classroom experience. It is important to remember that they must be planned to minimize interference with other scheduled class activities. Authorization by the academic dean should be sought through an Absence and Travel Request Form; and when the trip interferes with other classes, notice of the trip should be sent to all faculty via e-mail.  This notice implies that the students' absences are excused and that they may have the privilege of making up the work; however, the instructors of the classes being missed have the ultimate authority to excuse the students. The students' decision to participate in a field trip should be made in light of their need to attend. A student is responsible for advising the appropriate instructors one week prior to the field trip.

If private cars are used, the sponsor should advise owners that they must be properly insured.

Each participant should complete the “Assumption of Risk Form” three days prior to the trip. A copy of these forms will be kept in the division office.

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