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Grade Changes

Submitting Grade Changes

Faculty members may request a grade change for a student in the event that a grade was originally submitted incorrectly, an incomplete was originally issued, or there are other mitigating circumstances.

If a faculty member needs to change a grade for any reason, a Grade Change Form should be obtained from the Division office for which the course was taught. An explanation for the grade change must be included on the form.

Grade changes from an Incomplete to a letter grade must only be signed by the instructor. During the Spring semester “I” grade changes are due by the end of the following Summer semester. “I” grades issued during the Fall semester are due by the end of the following Spring semester.

All other grade changes must be signed by the instructor and approved by the Division Dean. If a grade is changed to a “W”, a Mitigating Circumstances form must be submitted.

Pursuant to the VCCS Policy, grade changes for classes that are over one year old or grade changes submitted by someone other than the instructor must be reviewed and approved by the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Student Services.

Completed grade change forms must be turned in to the Office of Admissions and Records. Once the Grade Change has been processed by the Office of Admissions and Records, a copy will be mailed to the student and a copy returned to the appropriate division office.

Appeal of Grades

Faculty should be aware that a student having factual evidence that a grade, as reported, is in error and who wishes to appeal the grade, should use the  appeal of grades procedures as set forth in the CVCC Catalog and Student Handbook.

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