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Emergency Procedures

General Policies

Procedures for handling emergencies are available at each off-site center. It is assumed that in instances of natural disasters i.e., hurricanes, tornadoes, etc. -– the College will have advance warnings through the Alertus system and act accordingly. It is imperative that all students, faculty, and staff cooperate fully in the implementation of these procedures to prevent possible harm to individuals on our campus.

Decision-Making Personnel and Their Responsibilities

The Off-Site Center Director or designee will take immediate appropriate action during any general emergency or disaster. The Off-Site Center Director or designee will notify the main campus of actions taken.

Lines of Communication:

The primary lines of communication in the event of an emergency are the telephones. All information concerning the completion of actions under this plan will be called in to 911 operators by the responsible administrator upon the declaration by the Off-Site Center Director of an emergency alert.

Building Evacuation Plan:

The internal fire alarm system will be used to sound evacuation alarms.

  1. When the alarm sounds, all students, faculty, and staff should immediately proceed from buildings by nearest EXIT.
  2. Instructors should check their respective classrooms before leaving buildings to insure that everyone has evacuated. Lights should be left on in the classrooms and classroom doors closed as they exit. Remember - LIGHTS ON! DOORS CLOSED!
  3. All students, faculty, and staff will move to dispersal areas.
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