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Student Support Services

Student support services are provided by counselors at each off-site center as appropriate and include the following:

  • Admissions and enrollment;
  • Payment processing;
  • Assistance with financial aid;
  • Academic advising and curriculum placement;
  • Assessment services including placement testing, career and interest inventories, proctored testing,  and student outcome assessments;
  • Working with students with disabilities to provide ADA accommodations;
  • Offering orientation for new students;
  • Offering tutoring on-site or referral to main campus;
  • Instruction of SDV 100 College Success Skills classes;
  • Provision of counseling services to facilitate student academic success;
  • Provision of student activities to aid in retention;
  • Referral to community agencies as needed; and
  • Coordination for students with main campus services and offices including Admissions, Financial Aid, Bookstore, Library, Distance Education, Information Technology departments, etc.
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