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Office Hours

Adjunct Faculty

All adjunct faculty are required to provide for student advising and related activities.  Each adjunct faculty member shall ensure that all students have been informed of the contact details including location and time.

Full- time Faculty

Office hours are intended to insure that faculty members are available to work with students on their individual academic and occupational problems.  In recognition of the changing means of communication and the needs of our students, the following policy is adopted governing full-time faculty office hours at CVCC.

  • All full-time faculty will spend a minimum of six contact hours on campus with dedicated availability for face-to-face student interaction (i.e. in-office hours). One of these six contact hours each week may be spent in dealing directly with students, in collegial activities, or on other College business that promotes student success.
  • The four remaining hours may be spent either on campus as in-office hoursor as virtual office hours. Virtual hours may be conducted by any electronic means the faculty member deems appropriate, including synchronous media (such as Adobe Connect and Blackboard Collaborate) or asynchronous media (such as email and Facebook).  Virtual office hours must be posted indicating when the faculty member will be available and, in the case of asynchronous communication, the response time that the student may expect from the faculty member.
  • Faculty members are required to post their office hours on or near their office doors and in their syllabi.
  • Faculty teaching in the summer are expected to hold one (1) office hour per week for each course taught.

Adopted Spring 2012

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