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Open Educational Resources Procedures

V. Procedures

a. OER Training and Professional Development

      CVCC will offer an Introduction to OER Faculty Development Orientation Course for faculty interested in adopting, adapting, or developing OER materials. The course will be taught by faculty or staff designated by the Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs.


b. Course creation

Faculty who propose to develop an OER course must obtain permission from the academic dean and program head to undertake the project. Upon approval, the faculty member must successfully complete the Introduction to OER course.  Once the course is developed, the faculty will complete the OER Course Development Agreement Form, and the OER Checklist.
The completed course will be reviewed by the program head, academic dean, and the OER Advisory Committee, for quality, impact on student success, compatibility with broader program level OER efforts, and adherence to OER Course standards. Final approval for OER course designation will be the responsibility of the Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs.

c. Course Modification

In order to modify an OER course, the faculty member must successfully complete the Introduction to OER course, the OER Course Development Agreement Form, and the OER Checklist. Faculty are encouraged to follow the OER Community standards in the adoption of OER: Retain, Reuse, Revise, Remix and Redistribute.


d. Course Adoption

A faculty member may adopt and teach an existing OER course without completing the Introduction to OER course provided that the adoption is approved and recommended by the program head or academic division dean, and that no modification is done to the adopted course. 

e. Fair use and fair dealings

Faculty must comply with the Fair Use doctrine and be aware of the permissions afforded by the Creative Commons Licenses, the Public Domain, and their intersections with Fair Use and Fair Dealings.   

f. Quality Standards for OER

All OER materials selected for inclusion in any course must align directly with the approved CVCC student and course learning outcomes. In courses where there are VCCS articulated learning outcomes, the instructor is expected to align with these statewide standards when developing the OER course materials.

g. OER course publication

All OER courses will be published in an electronic format in a manner that permits access to the course content and other learning materials.  

h. Licensing for faculty original content

Faculty who create original content that is incorporated as OER material should choose one of the Creative Commons licenses or adopt a CC0 “no copyright reserved” option.

i. OER Support

Librarians will provide support for all faculty wishing to incorporate OER into a course. Support provided by designated Librarians include preparing and maintaining the OER LibGuides and assisting faculty in the location and curation of OER content. Additional support will be provided by faculty leaders, administrators, and the Distance Education Department.
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