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Open Educational Resources/Resources and Attachments

VI. Resources and Attachments

VCCS Policy Manual, Section 12, Intellectual Property, subparagraphs
12.0 through 12.0.11
Creative Commons,
OER Course Development Agreement Form (printable version)
 By requesting approval for this course section(s) to be assigned an OER attribute and be considered a

“no cost” or “low cost” course, _______________________________________ agrees that all course
                                                                     Instructor/Course Developer name(s)
materials for ___________have been developed and will be provided to students in accordance with the
                      Prefix and Number
provisions CVCC’s OER Policy & Procedures Statement; Section 12 (Intellectual Property) of the Virginia Community College System Policy Manual; the Creative Commons licensing standards; the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998; applicable state and federal copyright laws; and other college policies and academic standards, and (2) assumes all responsibility for maintaining the integrity of the course content as relates to copyright and scholarly merit, including maintaining and updating hyperlinks.
The Academic Division Dean and the Program Head, or their designee will review the proposal, and will recommend to the Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs approval (or non-approval) of the proposal. The OER Advisory Committee will review the use of the materials proposed as being in alignment with course outcomes. Faculty are strongly encouraged to review OER materials each semester to ensure continued compliance with applicable copyright law and continued accessibility and appropriateness to course objectives.      
_____________________________________________________________________________________         Instructor Signature                                                                                                                                                                                             Date
Program Head Signature                                                                                                                                        Date

_____________________________________________________________________________________         Academic Division Dean Signature                                                                                                                                           Date
_____________________________________________________________________________________         VP for Academic and Student Affairs Signature                                                                                                                                              Date
_____Approved for OER attributes                                        _____Not approved for OER attribute
OER Checklist (printable version)
Use this checklist to help consider the quality, accessibility, and copyright compliance issues related to OER materials before you adapt the course or incorporate the materials into your course.
In order to be approved for the OER or LT40 course attribute, you must submit an approved OER Course Development Agreement
Quality and Outcomes Support
The material helps support the objectives and learning outcomes of the course, and department chair has had the opportunity to review.
❏ The content is appropriate and relevant for your students and the topic.
❏ Authority and/or bias are transparent to the students.
❏ If not, will context or attributions be provided to the students?
Copyright and Shareability
The author or publisher is clearly identified.
❏ The copyright license is clearly identified.
The copyright license allows for adopting, adapting, and sharing (the material is in the public domain or available for use under Attribution CC-BY, Noncommercial CC-NC, and Sharealike CC-SA Creative Commons licenses or other equivalent open licenses, excluding the No Derivative CC-ND license).
❏ If not, and the material holds a more restrictive (ie; CC-ND) or all-rights-reserved copyright license, can you successfully link out to the material?
All hyperlinks are current and working.
❏ Files and platforms are in common and current formats.
For textual materials:
❏ The text is clear and easy to read on a screen or if printed.
❏ The text can be read by an assistive technology screen reader, like JAWS.
For visual materials:
❏ The image or video is clear and of good production quality.
❏ Captions, alt text (text descriptions that can be read by an assistive technology screen reader), transcripts, or closed captioning is available.
❏ Meets the VCCS and CVCC policies on accessibility

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