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Prerequisite Policy

Central Virginia Community College is committed to creating an environment that leads to the greatest possible likelihood for student success. To achieve this goal, many courses have prerequisites or corequisites. These requirements, which were established to foster a student’s success in the course, are identified in the Course Descriptions section of the CVCC Catalog and Student Handbook. Students may not enroll in a course for which they do not meet the prerequisites by the time the course begins. (The authorization for a waiver of any prerequisite may be made only by the faculty member offering the course or the appropriate division dean if the faculty member is not available.) Students may be administratively dropped from any course for which they have not met the prerequisite.

In a course that requires placement tests, students must obtain the required minimum scores to enroll in a course or complete prescribed developmental studies courses before enrolling in the desired course.

Procedure for adding additional prerequisites or corequisites:

The VCCS has established system-wide prerequisites for courses (see VCCS Master Course File) that cannot not be altered.  However, if departmental faculty believe that additional prerequisites or corequisites for particular classes are needed to improve student success, the faculty will determine the required prerequisite or corequisites and submit a proposal validating the need for the additional prerequisite or corequisites to the division dean. The division dean will review the faculty proposal and if in agreement with the faculty, the dean will submit the proposal to the Curriculum and Instruction Policy Committee within ten working days.

After review and approval by the Curriculum and Instruction Policy Committee, the changes will be submitted by the Office of the Vice President of Academic Affairs and Student Services to the:

  1. SIS Analyst (Information Technology Department) who will enter additional prerequisites or corequisites into PeopleSoft within ten working days and;
  2. CVCC Graphic Designer who will enter the prerequisites into the online CVCC Catalog and Handbook within ten working days. The Graphic Designer will also create a PDF. This PDF will be sent to the:
    1. CVCC Webmaster (Information Technology Department) who will put the information on the internet and;
    2. Enrollment Services Coordinator (Admissions & Records Office) who will put the information in the next publication of printed catalog.

No prerequisites or corequisites may be deleted from or added to a course without approval of the Curriculum and Instruction Policy Committee. Prerequisites or corequisites must be in place before registration begins for the semester.

If registration is not in progress, any prerequisites or corequisites added by CVCC departmental faculty may be switched from unenforced to enforced, or enforced to unenforced after being approved by the Curriculum and Instruction Policy Committee. Prerequisites or corequisites may not be switched or changed once registration has begun.

All sections of a course must use the same prerequisites or corequisites that have been approved for that course.

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