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The timeline for submitting textbook orders each semester is determined by the College Bookstore.  Fall textbook orders are usually due in April, spring orders in October, and summer orders in March.  Faculty may submit their textbook orders online, by completing the textbook order forms delivered by the College Bookstore to the division offices, or via email to the bookstore manager.  It is important for faculty to adopt textbooks by the deadline to ensure that textbooks arrive on time and to allow for students to sell used books back to the Bookstore.  Student-required supplies that are to be purchased through the Bookstore must also be included with the textbook order. Textbook uniformity in various sections of a particular course is not requiredbut will be left to the discretion of each academic discipline. Textbook costs for students should be kept at a minimum if at all possible.  Textbooks should not be ordered that are not to be used by students.

Textbook publishers are rapidly shifting from traditional printed texts to digital or e-book formats.  To enable students to access an e-book, they must be allowed to utilize laptops, dedicated e-book readers, or other mobile devices.  If a faculty member does not allow the use of a mobile device in class, he/she must notify the College Bookstore when placing textbook orders that the Bookstore should not include e-books as part of the book order.

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