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Assessment and Placement

Central Virginia Community College requires all entering students to take the placement test before enrolling in courses with English and mathematics prerequisites. Information from placement test scores assists in advising students for proper course selection. This requirement is waived only when the student has acceptable transfer credit for these courses from another college. The placement test is administered by the Counseling Center at the main campus on a walk-in basis and at the off-site centers by appointment.

For foreign language placement, students who have successfully completed two years of a foreign language in high school have the option to test for placement into the second year of a foreign language. Faculty should direct students seeking more information on foreign language placement tests to the Humanities and Social Sciences Office in Merritt Hall, Room 5235.

Proficiency tests are available for students who feel they can demonstrate competency in a particular course.  These tests are arranged by contacting the appropriate division office.  Four-year colleges will not take credits for courses completed in this manner.

Assessment testsdesigned to assess general education achievement, achievement in selected major areas, and/or other aspects of education are required to be completed by students prior to graduation.  Students will be notified of required assessments in the semester in which they file an application to graduate. Results of these assessments will be used for evaluation and improvingCollege programs and services.  Individual assessment scores will not affect graduation.

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