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Images & Multimedia


  1. Photocopying. The four-factor test should be applied to determine fair use of images. The guidelines for copying for classroom use (Attachment 7 - Guidelines for Use of Copyrighted Materials) include references to images.
  2. Slides. Purchase slides when possible and do not make duplicates. When making slides for use in the classroom because they are not available for sale, make only one copy of a picture, and do not make copies of every picture in a book. Do not digitize slides.
  3. Clip Art. Read the license before using clip art and abide by any restrictions, such as "do not digitize."
  4. Copyright Notice. Always include copyright information with each image used.


Students and faculty can incorporate portions of lawfully acquired copyrighted works into their projects so long as a student’s project is for a specific course and a teacher’s project will be a teaching tool in support of curriculum-based instructional activities. Fair Use Guidelines for Educational Multimedia are included in Attachment 7 - Guidelines for Use of Copyrighted Materials.

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