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Procedures for Obtaining Copyright Clearance

Faculty and staff needing copyright permission must write for permission to the copyright holder. Request all permissions for a specific project at the same time. Do not ask for blanket permission, but provide the following detailed information:

  • Title, author, and/or editor, and edition of materials to be used/duplicated
  • Exact material to be used, including amount, page numbers, chapters, and, if possible, a photocopy of the material
  • Number of copies to be made
  • Intended use to be made of duplicated materials, along with size and type of audience
  • Form of distribution, such as classroom handout, newsletter, web page
  • Whether copied material will be for sale or free
  • Duplication method (photocopy, offset, typeset, video, slides, audiocassettes, computer-digitizing, etc.)

Include a self-addressed stamped envelope with the request and allow sufficient lead time prior to actual need. After receiving permission to use the material, the requester should retain the permission document in his/her own file or in the division's file until the allowed time elapses.

  1. Sample Permission Letters

    Sample permission letters and forms are reproduced in Attachments 1-4 for this section. The information in these attachments may be duplicated and modified as necessary in seeking proper copyright permission.

  2. Printing Services/Duplicating Requirements
    Copyrighted material will be produced only in conformity with congressional standards for educational fair use or with written documentation showing that permission has been granted by the copyright holder(s).

For a sample generic permission letter and more information and training on copyright, fair use, and the TEACH Act see Attachment 8 – Copyright Resources.

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