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Academic Deans and the Vice President (VP) for Academic Affairs and Student Services (for credit courses) and the VP of Workforce Solutions and Community Education (for non-credit courses) shall oversee the recruitment and hiring of adjunct faculty, with support from the HR Office for training and information. 

Academic Deans or designees approved by the VP for Academic Affairs and Student Services or the VP of Workforce Solutions and Community Education shall ensure that all application files are complete by including the State Application, official transcripts, and any other data designated by the HR Office as necessary for a complete file.  Whenever possible, it is expected that several applicants will be considered prior to offering employment to a person.  Re-advertising is not required if the lecturer teaches again within a one-year period. 

Academic Deans and the VP for Academic Affairs and Student Services for credit courses) and the VP of Workforce Solutions and Community Education (for non-credit courses) shall determine all adjunct salaries.

Policy Under Review

The recruitment and hiring of an adjunct faculty member culminates in the generation of a contract that defines the fundamental terms of employment.  Although the contract is the legal employment document, there is non-contractual information the adjunct needs know.  To facilitate the effective communication of the important non-contractual information, the HR office will print and include the following information with the printed copy of the contract that is mailed to the faculty member’s physical address or P.O. Box for his/her signature. 


As a CVCC adjunct faculty member teaching eight and/or sixteen week classes, you will be provided two email address.  These will be provided to you in a separate communication.  Your employee CVCC email account ends with  You are required to use this email account for all official CVCC business including communication with students and CVCC employees. The other account ends with This is your Gmail account. You are provided a Gmail account for the opportunity to understand the email interface used by your students.  There is no requirement to utilize your Gmail account.  To comply with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), any email communication between you and your students regarding grades must utilize your CVCC email account and the student’s Gmail account.

Your CVCC email account is the primary communication medium for the college to communicate with you individually and as a part of the college community.  Since this is our primary method of communication, you are required to access your CVCC email at a frequency that enables you to consume and respond as necessary to information provided via your CVCC email account.

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