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Administrative Faculty Hiring Procedures

This policy is currently being reviewed
Hiring Procedures for Administrative Faculty
(Vice Presidents)


The purpose of this section of the Employee Manual is to present procedures of Central Virginia Community College that apply to the hiring of Administrative faculty members consistent with the goals of the institution. Using these procedures the campuses will continue to recommend, and the President will continue to hire, talented and highly qualified individuals so that CVCC students continue to be served by a faculty of superior quality. Further, these procedures will support the College in realizing its strategic goal to increase the diversity of CVCC faculty and staff to reflect the diversity of students being served. These procedures are designed specifically for the College.


Role of the President (Chairperson)

The President is responsible for ensuring that the recruitment and selection process on the campus is consistent with institutional goals and college-wide policies and procedures and has final review and recommendation authority for the campus in the recruitment and selection process. The President, with the assistance of the Human Resources Manager (HRM), makes the initial recommendation for salary placement and academic rank placement in accordance with the VCCS-29 and College procedures.  

New and Vacant Positions

The President defines all Administrative faculty positions that may be filled for the following academic year.

Position Request Form

The Position Request Form (PRF) must include closing dates and information on electronic advertising preferences. The form must also specify the minimum and preferred qualifications for the position. These electronic advertising preferences may include, but are not limited to, discipline-specific publications, publications of professional organizations and associations, and especially graduate school placement offices. The President sends the PRF to the HRM.

Advertising the Position

Advertising the position must relate directly to the unit academic plan, the College Affirmative Action plan, and the hiring goals of the institution. The HRM reviews each PRF and in cooperation with the President develops appropriate wording and selects the appropriate placement for the position announcement. All CVCC employees will be notified of the position opening and directed to the location of the posting through the Daily Bulletin. Starting salary ranges will be published in the advertisement for each position. The HRM will communicate the final version of advertisements including publication dates and sites to the President. The Human Resources Office (HRO) will actively seek to reach a qualified diverse pool of candidates and may use reasonable methods to do so, including a) sending position announcements to traditionally minority institutions; b) selecting diversity oriented publications in which to advertise; and, c) convening a group of CVCC minority employees to help with the recruitment and advertising process.

The Application Process for Individuals Seeking Employment

The Application Packet

In order to be in the applicant pool, a candidate’s Application Packet must include all of the following: a) a cover letter of no more than two pages; b) a Curriculum Vita or resume; c) an official state application; and d) unofficial transcripts of all post- secondary education.

Official State Application

All state applications must be submitted through the State of Virginia Recruitment Management System (RMS).


The transcripts submitted by applicants for initial review may be unofficial copies; however, official copies of all post-secondary education must accompany all employment recommendations (see section 6.103). The College will accept foreign transcripts only if they have been previously translated and evaluated by an appropriate evaluation agency. Applicants may obtain a list of appropriate evaluation agencies from the HRO.

Screening of Applicants

Review of Applications

The HRO conducts a preliminary review of minimum qualifications according to VCCS-29 of all applications in a timely manner through the RMS. All qualified applications will be emailed to the President within ten business days of the job closing date. The HRO will change the status in RMS detailing the applications being referred as “in review by the department”. The President and Search Committee members for each vacant position will be granted access to the RMS to review applicant documents. RMS retains a record of all Applications for Employment.

Evaluation of Applicant Pool

CVCC has a responsibility to determine to the best of its ability the diversity status of individuals in the applicant pool. At the close of the announced period for receiving applications, the HRM will evaluate the applicant pool to determine whether it is representative of diversity based upon their availability. The HRM will report these findings in writing to the Hiring Manager, who must defend the status of the applicant pool or extend the search. If the applicant pool is not representative, the HRM will extend the deadline for applications and expand recruiting efforts. If the pool is representative, the President may proceed with the screening and selection process.

Search Committee

The President appoints the Search Committee. The Search Committee may also serve as the Interview Committee. The minimum composition of the committee should consist of:

  • President;    
  • Vice President(s)    
  • Professional Faculty member;    
  • Classified staff member;    
  • Part-time staff member;    
  • Faculty member    
  • at least one member must meet the Affirmative Action criteria established by the college. (These criteria are available from the Human Resources Office)

The President will submit the membership of the Search Committee to the HRM at least ten business days prior to the application closing date. The HRM will review the membership to ensure compliance with Affirmative Action guidelines before actual screening takes place. The HRM will notify the President of acceptance or non-compliance. All appointed members of the Search Committee must complete the on-line Selection MVP-HR Policy & Law – Employee Selection Procedures training in the Knowledge Center prior to the supervisor receiving applications from Human Resources. Training should be completed prior to the position closing date. Every member of the Search Committee must have received training within the past two years before serving on the committee. The Knowledge Center will keep a record of when each person has received training that the HRO can review at any time. Upon the approval of the Search Committee by the HRM, the President may discuss with the screening committee other aspects of the vacancy, such as economic considerations, College Affirmative Action plans, unit and College academic plans, institutional hiring goals, and other matters which may affect the recruitment and selection process.

Screening Criteria

The Search Committee will develop and agree upon the screening criteria and evaluation format which will be used to rate all applicants. The Search Committee should use criteria consistent with the goals of the institution and with the institution’s goals for diversity. The screening criteria must evaluate candidates based upon the minimum and preferred qualifications listed in the PRF for the position. In assessing the desired qualifications of the candidate, the Search Committee should consider as a major evaluation criterion and rating factor the quality of experience of the candidate in addition to other agreed upon criteria. The Search Committee will convene to discuss the screening criteria and their individual ratings of the candidates to be interviewed. The Search Committee will submit to the HRM the names of the candidates to be interviewed. In making its recommendations, the Search Committee will attempt to select a broad, representative group of applicants for interview.

Number of Candidates to be Interviewed

A minimum of three candidates will be selected for interview. Exceptions to this policy may be made by agreement of the President and the HRM.

Selecting Candidates for Interview

The President provides the names of the individuals selected for interview to the HRM, who reviews the applications of those selected for interview. The HRM and the President are responsible for ensuring a broad representative interview pool for each position. Within five business days of receiving notice of the individuals selected for interview, the HR provides the President with a complete list of the candidates cleared for interview. If any of the individuals cleared for interview declines to be interviewed, the committee may choose to include other applicants to be interviewed. These individuals must also be cleared by the HRM.

Travel for Out of Town Candidates

When an Administrative faculty position is allocated and authorized for recruitment, the College will provide $1500 per candidate to be used to offset the travel costs of candidates who live more than 100 miles from the campus. The funds will be placed in a central account and expenditures tracked by the Accounting Office. The 3 President is responsible for obtaining all appropriate information from the visiting candidates and providing the necessary forms to process a travel reimbursement. Candidates to be reimbursed will complete the Travel Reimbursement Form during the interview process. All designated travel funds not expended by the academic division revert to the College.    

Interview and Selection Process

Interview Committee

The Search Committee will also serve as the Interview Committee. Additional members may be added from the following:

  • student body (non-voting, advisory capacity only)
  • other teaching faculty, including adjuncts
  • college staff

Any additions to the Interview Committee must receive the same interview training as provided in section 3.103.

Role of the Interview Committee

The Interview Committee reviews the screening criteria prior to the position close date (see Section 3.104), and develops a list of interview questions and topic for the teaching demonstration that must be used for each applicant interviewed for the position. These questions must be submitted to the HRM no later than ten business days prior to the application close date for review to ensure they meet legal and job-related criteria. The Interview Committee must review the Affirmative Action guidelines on the use of appropriate and inappropriate interview questions.

Information Conveyed to the Candidate Prior to the Interview

The President contacts the candidates by telephone and by either letter or electronic communication to arrange for the interview. The communication with the candidates must include the date, time, scope, and place of the interview. The communication should include directions to the campus and that a parking permit will be provided. Time permitting, parking permits should be mailed to the candidates. The President reviews with the candidates the criteria for the position and determines if each candidate is interested in continuing in the selection process. The President must provide information about the process to be followed on the day of the interview.

The Interview - Internal

All members of the Interview Committee must be present for all interviews. Present may include members who can connect visually through electronic technology, e.g. Skype, compressed video, etc. The President defines for each candidate the parameters of the session, including the length of the interview. Interview questions will be written and copied for the benefit of the Committee only and should not be given to the candidates prior to or during the interview. Members of the Interview Committee must ask the same prepared questions, preferably in the same order, of all candidates.

The Interview – External

The President convenes an external committee to meet with the candidates.

The Interview – College Community

The President conducts a Town Hall meeting with the candidates.

The Selection and Recommendation Process 4

Steps in Recommendation Process

The Interview Committee deliberates on the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate interviewed. The Interview Committee should consider qualifications, communication skills, and the teaching skills of each candidate as they move toward selection of qualified finalists for the teaching vacancy. The President completes the Applicant Referral Memorandum (ARM) for all candidates and reviews the ARM with the candidates who they interview and has the candidate sign it. The President forwards all ARM, screening grids, and interview questions to the HRM as part of the hiring recommendation packet. The President contacts at least three telephone references for the top candidate. With the institutional goals in mind, the President, with the advice of the Interview Committee, makes either a hiring recommendation to the HRM or recommends that the interviews or search be extended. The HRO must conduct the required criminal background check of any candidate recommended for hiring. The President meets with the HRM to determine the rank and salary. The President compiles the entire packet of documents and forwards the materials to the HRM.

Recommendation for Appointment

The final hiring package must contain

  1. Position Request Form
  2. State Application Form
  3. All selection/interview committee notes, records, and the assessment of strengths and weaknesses for all the candidates.
  4. Unofficial transcripts of all post-secondary education.
  5. Summary of telephone references
  6. Applicant Referral Memorandums

The Job Offer

THE PRESIDENT IS THE HIRING AUTHORITY. ABSOLUTELY NO ONE OTHER THAN THE PRESIDENT IS AUTHORIZED TO MAKE AN OFFER OF EMPLOYMENT. If the job offer is accepted, the President notifies the HRM of the acceptance. The HRO sends an official offer letter to the applicant.

The Unsuccessful Search

Positions that go unfilled will remain with the College for a period of one year and may be filled at any time during that year. The President may request of the HRM that a targeted recruitment effort be undertaken. At the end of the one-year period, all vacant positions revert to the College General Fund.

Bringing the New Hire on Board

The HRO contacts the new employee and schedules a new employee orientation and completion of new hire paperwork. The President ensures that the new hire receives orientation to the College.

Revised: 5/2013

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