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Applicant Pool

  1. The goal of Affirmative Action recruitment efforts is to achieve proportional representation of minorities and women in the applicant pool, in accordance with their availability in the local labor market. To monitor these efforts, each applicant is asked to return the Affirmative action section of the State Application Form.  The Human Resources (HR) Office shall maintain EEO reporting data. 
  2. Strategies must be devised to increase minority and/or female representation in future applicant pools if trends reflect that current efforts do not result in representative numbers of applicants.  In this instance, the HR Manager and/or AA / EEO Officer may revise recruitment and advertising efforts to increase the applicant pool.


  1. The Human Resources (HR) Manager shall be responsible for eliminating applicants that do not meet the minimum or required criteria from the viable pool.  Applications omitting important elements shall be classified as NOT meeting the minimum or required criteria.  In addition, all applications received after the advertised or published date and time shall be classified as NOT meeting the minimum or required criteria and will not be considered.  Any required supplemental documents must be received by the HR Office prior to submission to the committee.  The Vice President for Academic Affairs and Student Services and/or Vice President of Workforce Solutions and Community Education shall be responsible for evaluating transcripts for all adjunct faculty applicants.
  2. Committees shall use the evaluation matrix developed by the Department Head, Director, or Dean.  They shall perform all other screening necessary to select candidates for interview or for hire. All screening actions must be documented to support the action taken.  In the event of audits or questioning by applicants for the position, the committee members and HR Manager must be available to respond to all inquires.
  3. The HR Manager must approve the interview list proposed by the committee to ensure the candidates are representative of the service region population, that the committee has complied with all AA/EEO regulations, and that no biases were utilized in screening decisions.  Large candidate pools may entail the use of additional staff members to assist the HR Manager.  In the event of large applicant pools, a negotiated percentage will be determined.
  4. The Affirmative Action review process must be completed within two (2) business days of the committee’s notice to the HR Manager and/or AA/EEO Officer that the screening process has identified a pool of candidates to interview.  Concerns by the HR Manager and/or the AA Officer shall be expressed to the Committee Chairperson, Director, or Dean.  The HR Manager and/or the AA Officer, Department Head and--or Director, Dean or Vice President (VP) should resolve differences. The President or his/her designee shall have final decision-making authority if differences cannot be resolved at this level.
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