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  1. A search and screening committee shall be established by recommendation of a Department Head, Dean, Director, Vice President, President or his/her designee, via the Human Resources (HR) Manager.  Ordinarily, the Department Head shall serve as chairperson.  At least two (2) other people shall be selected for the committee.  Under no circumstances may an individual serve on the search and selection committee and also as a reference for any participating applicant.
  2. The President or his/her designee may waive the requirement for establishment of a search and screening committee for certain adjunct faculty and wage staff positions.  In this instance, the Department Head may conduct the interview personally.
  3. Multiple committees may be convened for certain positions as deemed appropriate by the President or the Chancellor of the VCCS.  Community representatives, employees of other State agencies, members of the Local College Board, and/or Foundation Board may also be included.
  4. The HR Manager shall instruct the committee chair on all legal obligations of the College, the completion of all required forms, and policy and procedure interpretation related to recruitment and hiring.
  5. In the event that the vacancy under recruitment is for Administrative and professional faculty, additional instructional information and committee charge may also be given by the Dean. The committee chair shall charge/instruct the remaining committee members and all members of other screening/interview committees. Each committee member shall be provided a copy of the matrix form, which in addition to listing the applicants, contains a statement regarding EEO / AA.
  6. All committee members must sign the matrix form indicating their agreement to comply with CVCC's policy on EEO/AA.
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