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Interviews and References

  1. Candidates are selected for interviews by the committee and the Director, Dean, or Vice President.  Committee members shall either develop a Strengths and Weaknesses Evaluation on all candidates or complete a screening grid developed by the hiring manager and approved by the HR Manager. In the cases of positions with college-wide responsibilities, additional persons or committees may be established to conduct additional interviews. The committee chair is responsible for ensuring the coordination of all interviews.
  2. Generally, candidates will be expected to make their own accommodations.  Lodging shall only be paid for candidates at the level of Vice President or President, unless approved otherwise by the President.  The Committee Chairperson is responsible for ensuring that hotel accommodations are arranged, that lodging is charged to the College within travel guidelines, and that these expenditures are charged to the appropriate accounts. 
  3. Structured interviews, mindful of Equal Employment Opportunity regulations and sensitive to Affirmative Action goals, are useful and appropriate tools for assessment candidates.  Interviewers shall consistently and uniformly apply evaluation criteria to all interviewees. In addition, interviewers shall evaluate each candidate’s ability and potential, and be familiar with the actual job requirements.  Demonstrations of ability are encouraged as long as all demonstrations are fair, equitable, non-discriminatory, and are requested of all candidates.  Demonstrations may include presentations, portfolios of work, situational analyses, role-playing, or practical skills assessments.  Interviewers shall work closely with the HR Manager to develop any practical skills assessments in order to ensure the validity and reliability of these tests relative to the essential functions of the job.
  4. The Committee Chairperson must develop a set of interview questions to ask each applicant.  Questions should seek information related to the applicant’s knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform the job.  Questions that are not job-related or that violate EEO standards are not permissible.  Specifically, questions regarding race, religion, creed, ethnic group, national origin or ancestry, political beliefs or affiliations, marital or family status, political affiliation, sexual orientation, veteran status, or age should be eliminated from the interview process.  Additional guidelines can be obtained from the HR Manager and/or AA / EEO Officer.  The interviewers(s) may ask additional questions in response to any statements or questions from the applicant or to clarify information indicated on the application.  The interview question bank established and maintained by the HR Office is a resource for committees.  All questions asked shall be reviewed and approved by the HR Manager to ensure legality and appropriateness.
  5. Telephone interviews are encouraged for large groups of people to be interviewed, or when one (1) or more interview candidates must travel a long distance.  The College will NOT pay travel costs for interviews, except for a Vice President's and President’s position unless approved in writing by the President or his/her designee as an exception to policy.
  6. All applicants who have been identified for an interview must be interviewed before a final selection decision and job offer are made.  Committees or individuals are not required to reschedule an interview if an applicant is unable to make a previously scheduled interview.
  7. The Committee Chairperson shall conduct reference checks.  Reference checks shall preferably be made of the current and former supervisors of the applicant.  Just as with the interview, the committee must ensure all questions regarding the reference are fair and equitable. Under the current Virginia Privacy Protection Act, the College is not required to allow applicants to examine reference checks or recommendation letters.  Therefore, documentation of reference checks can be maintained in a confidential file.
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