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Policy - Procedures


To ensure effective recruitment practices and to provide equal employment opportunity, the following recruitment guidelines must be observed in filling all Classified positions. The guidelines were developed to ensure compliance with the Commonwealth’s Department of Human Resource Management Policy (DHRM) 2.05 Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) and Policy 2.10 Hiring.


Central Virginia Community College (CVCC) will recruit, select, and hire on the basis of qualifications for a specific job without regard to race, sex, color, national origin, religion, age, veteran status, political affiliation, or persons with disabilities who are otherwise qualified.

To insure compliance with the institution’s equal opportunity program, specific procedures are included to incorporate input and review from the Human Resources Manager and/or the Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity (AA/EEO) Officer throughout the process.  The hiring of employees shall be in accordance with requirements of DHRM and the requirements of the Virginia Community College System (VCCS). Position or role titles, rank or pay bands, and salaries must be assigned to a position and newly-hired employees in accordance with policies and guidelines set forth by DHRM and VCCS.


The President or his/her designee must approve the filling of any vacancies or the hiring of new employees prior to initiation of recruitment activities and the extension of an employment offer.  To initiate the hiring process, the employing unit must complete a Position Request Form.

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