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Selection Standards and Procedures

  1. The screening and evaluation work should result in identifying one (1) or more candidates with the best qualifications deemed to be the most likely to be successful employees for the vacancy.  When the final applicant pool includes candidates who are equally qualified, gender and racial minorities, disabled individuals, and veterans may be given preference according to the group most underrepresented.  The selection must note the preference given and be supported with written documentation clearly indicating how the recommended candidate is fully qualified for the position.
  2. The committee shall recommend one (1) or more capable and qualified candidates to the Committee Chairperson.  Candidates shall not be ranked in order of preference; however, the committee is required to provide strengths and weaknesses for each acceptable candidate.  The Committee Chairperson shall confirm the recommendation or work with the committee to reach a consensus.  A recommendation is made in writing to the HR Manager.
  3. Starting pay is determined by the HR Manager and approved by the VP for Finance & Administration.  This is to assure that funding is available, used in a prudent manner, and that starting pay practices are consistently applied College-wide.
  4. If the hiring process has been challenged as inappropriate, the Committee Chairperson shall be responsible for determining and implementing corrective procedures after consulting with the HR Manager and/or the AA/EEO Officer.  If committee members, the Department Head, Director, or Dean believe that procedures have not been corrected after notifying the committee chair, the President shall issue a determination.
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