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Sabbatical Leave Policy

Sabbatical leave for professional development may be made available to teaching faculty, administrative and professional faculty, and the college president.  The objective of such leave is to provide activities that will improve teaching effectiveness, enhance creative and/or artistic activities, improve professional competency, and provide a renewed capacity for significant contribution of service to the college and the community at large.  Sabbatical leave is not designed for planned courses of study or academic credit.

A sabbatical is a compensated leave of absence of one or two semesters for full-time academic faculty and up to twelve (12) months for administrative and professional faculty and the college president.  Sabbatical leave shall be granted for approved projects of full-time independent study, research, and/or creative work that will renew teaching abilities, and to foster and enrich intellectual and professional growth and development.  Projects may be concerned with wide-ranging interests or with work in specialized fields and should address issues in the substance of the applicant's teaching field, or in some other area that will enhance understanding of related fields.  The ultimate purpose of the leave program is to sustain vigor, especially in the college's academic instructional programs, and to ensure that faculty members have the opportunity for professional development.

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