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Interview and Selection Process

Interview Committee

The Screening Committee may also serve as the Interview Committee. Additional members may be added from the following:

  • student body (non-voting, advisory capacity only);
  • other teaching faculty, including adjuncts in the teaching discipline; and
  • college staff

Any additions to the Interview Committee must receive the same interview training as provided in Screening Committee.

A majority of the members of the Interview Committee must consist of full-time faculty of the College.

Role of the Interview Committee

The Interview Committee reviews the screening criteria prior to the application close date and develops a list of interview questions and the topic for the teaching demonstration that must be used for each applicant interviewed for the position. These questions must be submitted to the Human Resources Office no later than ten (10) business days prior to the application close date for review to ensure they meet legal and job-related criteria. The Interview Committee must review the Affirmative Action guidelines on the use of appropriate and inappropriate interview questions.

Information Conveyed to the Candidate Prior to the Interview

The Division Dean or designee contacts the candidates by telephone and by either letter or electronic communication to arrange for the interview.  The communication with the candidates must include the date, time, scope, and place of the interview.  The communication should include directions to the campus and that a parking permit will be provided.  Time permitting, parking permits should be mailed/emailed to the candidates.  The Division Dean or designee reviews with the candidates the criteria for the position and determines if each candidate is interested in continuing in the selection process.  The Division Dean must provide information about the process to be followed on the day of the interview, including the teaching demonstration.  The Division Dean must inform candidates of the teaching aids that will be available to them for the teaching demonstration.

The Interview

All members of the Interview Committee must be present for all interviews.  Present may include members who can connect visually through electronic technology, e.g. Skype, compressed video, etc. The Chair of the Interview Committee defines for each candidate the parameters of the session, including the length of the interview.  Interview questions will be written and copied for the benefit of the Committee only and should not be given to the candidates prior to or during the interview.   Members of the Interview Committee must ask the same prepared questions, preferably in the same order, of all candidates.

Teaching Demonstration

All applicants must give a teaching demonstration of no less than 30 minutes.  Students may be invited to attend the teaching demonstration.  Committee members will look for evidence of good teaching practices in the teaching demonstration.

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