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Screening of Applicants

Review of Applications

The Human Resources Office conducts a preliminary review of minimum qualifications according to VCCS 29 located in the VCCS Policy Manual 3.2.2 of all applications in a timely manner through the Recruitment Management System (RMS). All qualified applications will be posted in appropriate Faculty Public Folders within ten (10) business days of the job closing date. Human Resources will change the status in RMS detailing the applications being referred are in review by the department.  The Vice President for Academic Affairs and Student Services, the hiring Division Dean, and Hiring Committee members for each vacant position will be granted access to the Faculty Public Folder for that position. The Vice President or Division Dean may request access to the public folder containing all application materials, including those of unqualified applicants.

RMS retains a record of all Applications for Employment.

Evaluation of Applicant Pool

CVCC has a responsibility to determine to the best of its ability the diversity status of individuals in the applicant pool.  At the close of the announced period for receiving applications, the Human Resources Office will evaluate the applicant pool to determine whether it is representative of diversity based upon the applicants’ availability.  The Human Resources Office will report these findings in writing to the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Student Services and the Division Dean, who must defend the status of the applicant pool or extend the search.   If the applicant pool is not representative, the Human Resources Office will extend the deadline for applications and expand recruiting efforts.  If the pool is representative, the appropriate campus administrator may proceed with the screening and selection process.

Screening Committee

The Division Dean appoints the Screening Committee.  The Screening Committee may also serve as the Interview Committee.  The minimum composition of the committee should consist of the following individuals:

  • Division Dean for the available position;
  • at least one member of the teaching faculty from the position discipline.  All full-time faculty in the discipline must be given the opportunity to serve on the committee.  If there are no full-time faculty in the discipline, then the discipline may be represented by either a full-time faculty member from the division or an adjunct faculty member from the discipline;
  • at least one member of the teaching faculty from outside the discipline of the position;
  • at least one member must meet the Affirmative Action criteria established by the College. (These criteria are available from the Human Resources Office)

A majority of the members of the Screening Committee must consist of full-time faculty of the College.

Division Deans will submit the membership of the screening/interview Committee to the Human Resources Office at least 21 days prior to the application closing date.  The Human Resources office will review the membership to ensure compliance with Affirmative Action guidelines before actual screening takes place.  The Human Resources Office will notify the Division Dean and the Vice President of acceptance or non-compliance. All appointed members of the Screening Committee must either complete the on-line Interview Training located on the Knowledge Center on the CVCC website prior to the supervisor receiving applications from Human Resources. Training should be completed prior to the faculty application deadline.  Every member of the screening/interview committee must have received training within the past two years before serving on the committee.  The Knowledge Center will keep a record of when each person has received training that the Human Resources Office can review at any time.

Upon the approval of the Screening Committee by the Human Resources Office, the Division Dean may discuss with the Screening Committee other aspects of the vacancy such as economic considerations, College Affirmative Action plans, unit and College academic plans, institutional hiring goals, and other matters which may affect the recruitment and selection process.

Screening Criteria

The Screening Committee will develop and agree upon the screening criteria and evaluation format which will be used to rate all applicants. The Screening Committee should use criteria consistent with the goals of the institution and with the institution’s goals for diversity in its teaching faculty. The screening criteria must evaluate candidates based upon the minimum and preferred qualifications listed in the Faculty Requisition Form for the position.  

In assessing the desired qualifications of the candidate, the Screening Committee should consider as a major evaluation criterion and rating factor the quality of experience of the candidate in addition to other agreed upon criteria.

The Screening Committee will convene to discuss the screening criteria and their individual ratings of the candidates to be interviewed.  The Screening Committee will submit to the Human Resources Office the names of the candidates to be interviewed.

In making its recommendations, the Screening Committee will attempt to select a broad, representative group of applicants for interview.

Number of Candidates to be Interviewed

A minimum of three candidates will be selected for interview.  Exceptions to this policy may be made by agreement of the Division Dean, the Human Resources Office, and the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Student Services.

Selecting Candidates for Interview

Division Deans provide the names of the individuals selected for interview to the Human Resources Office, which reviews the applications of those selected for interview. The Human Resources Office and the Division Dean are responsible for insuring a broad representative interview pool for each position.

Within five days of receiving notice of the individuals selected for interview, the Human Resources Office provides the Vice President with a complete list of the candidates cleared for interview.  If any of the individuals cleared for interview declines to be interviewed, the committee may choose to include other applicants to be interviewed. These individuals must also be cleared by Human Resources

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