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The Selection and Recommendation Process

Role of the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Student Services

The Vice President for Academic Affairs and Student Services is responsible for assuring that the recruitment and selection process of faculty is consistent with College-wide policies and procedures.  The Vice President also has final review and recommendation authority for the College in the recruitment and selection process.

Steps in Recommendation Process

The Interview Committee deliberates on the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate interviewed.  The Interview Committee should consider qualifications, communication skills, and the teaching skills of each candidate as they move toward selection of qualified finalists for the teaching vacancy.  The Division Dean completes the Applicant Referral Memorandum (ARM) for all candidates and reviews the ARM with the candidates who they interview and has the candidate sign it.  The Division Dean forwards all ARM, screening grids, and interview questions to the Human Resources Office as part of the hiring recommendation packet.

The Division Dean contacts at least three telephone references for the top candidate.  With the institutional goals in mind, the Division Dean, with the advice of the Interview Committee, makes either a hiring recommendation to the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Student Services or recommends that the interviews or search be extended.  Any candidate recommended for hiring to the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Student Services must submit a Criminal Background Check form to Human Resources office.

The Division Dean completes the Proposal for New Faculty Appointment (Full-Time), and the Human Resources Office completes the Faculty Qualifications Summary.  The Division Dean compiles the entire packet of documents, with a cover recommendation, and forwards the materials to the Vice President, who then forwards the package to the President.

Recommendation for Appointment

The Vice President for Academic Affairs and Student Services will review all materials to insure completeness and prepare an appropriate recommendation for the President, to include a summary report of the criteria upon which the selection was based.  The final hiring package must contain the following:

  1. Recommendation from the Division Dean;
  2. State Application Form;
  3. Proposal for New Faculty Appointment (Full-Time);
  4. All selection/interview committee notes, records, and the assessment of strengths and weaknesses for all the candidates;
  5. Unofficial transcripts of all post-secondary education;
  6. Summary of telephone references; and
  7. Applicant Referral Memorandums.

The Job Offer


The President has the right to refuse to accept the recommendation of the Division Dean.  If the President exercises this right, it shall be done in a timely manner.  The President notifies the Vice President, and the Vice President notifies the Division Dean.

If the President approves the Division Dean’s recommendation, the Human Resources Office emails the Division Dean of the approval with rank and salary offer, and the Division Dean in turn contacts the candidate, informing him/her of the offer of employment and confirming that the candidate is still interested.  The President signs a letter approving the hire action and sends it to the Vice President.  The Vice President notifies the Division Dean of the approval. The Human Resources Office sends an official offer letter to the applicant.

New faculty members are normally placed at a salary level no higher than the midpoint of the faculty salary range in accordance with standardized criteria of teaching and non‑teaching experience, academic preparation, and other relevant criteria.  The President may authorize a salary placement above the midpoint of the faculty salary range in exceptional circumstances related to the quality of College academic programs or to meet other vital College objectives.

The Division Dean notifies the Human Resources Office upon receipt of the signed contract.

The Human Resources Office updates the status in RMS of all applicants applicable to his/her situation. This occurs only after notification has been received from the Human Resources Office that the College’s job offer has been accepted.

The Unsuccessful Search

Positions that go unfilled will remain with the College for a period of one year and may be filled at any time during that year.  The Division Dean may request of Human Resources that a targeted recruitment effort be undertaken.  At the end of the one-year period, all vacant positions revert to the College General Fund.

Bringing the New Hire on Board

The Human Resources Office contacts the new employee and schedules a new employee orientation and completion of new hire paperwork. The Division Dean ensures that the new hire receives orientation to the College, orientation to the Division, and receives a faculty mentor.

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